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Beauty in the Mundane

The other day – whilst strolling in Newcastle – I happened upon these plastic chairs stacked up outside of a restaurant. I have always loved the brilliant colours of translucent plastic, from my childhood action figures to my present day reading glasses and was captivated by the way that the light of the Spring Sun shone through them, illuminating them and sparkling off their edges.

It reminded me of the lesson of Alchemical Copper … in Alchemy the metal copper is aligned with the planet Venus – the planet of Love! But Copper and Venus are also about beauty and its importance in our life and the alchemical process.

Beauty is something we take for granted, it is often seen as a flippant indulgence, an unimportant decadence, a transient obsession but in truth it is an essential for the Soul. The Soul feeds off beauty – amongst other things – drawing upon it as a fuel and food that nurtures its nature and enriches its experience of the world.

When we stand agog at something that is beautiful to us – whether it be art, nature, the face of a loved one or a plastic chair – we are not only seeing the Divine within it but also allowing this revelation to reveal to us our divinity within! This strange, odd act of communion can be transformational in liberating our sense of inner beauty, our inner power to create in the creators name and reveal our greater connection to the all.

Beauty is important – even more so in ugly times and we would do well not only to remember it but to actively strive to feed ourself with its power so that we might recharge ourself with such a simple indulgence and a simple reminder that the Divine is found in all things – both natural and those things created, by extension, through us! 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder because we are all God/Goddess and therefore it is through our grace that we bestow beauty upon that which we see and at the same time feed from that which is allows us to see inside ourself.

Beauty is important – beauty is power – beauty is essential … find your supply and take your fill.

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