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THE MECHANICS OF CLAIRVOYANCE AND THE GAY BRAIN! All psychical and mediumistic experiences begin with the spiritual information entering the brain – through the psychical and mediumistic receptors – the chakras.  This energy and information is first processed in the right hemispheres of the brain and then passed via the corpus callosum (a connective pathway in the brain made up…

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For the second of my blogs celebrating Pride Month, Gay Spirituality and the LGBTQ+ Community I wanted to explore “LGBTQ+ Archetypes” or those gods and goddesses who are recorded as having LGBTQ+ natures. Although I am sure the list below will contain some deities that you – dear reader  – are less familiar with I am sure too that some…

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PRIDE MONTH : The Rainbow Flag

The first of my Gay Spirituality LGBTQ+ blogs this month (June 2021) in honour of Pride month focuses on the Pride Flag. Sometimes called the Gay Pride Flag, the Rainbow Flag or the LGBT Pride Flag it has evolved and changed since its creation into that flag depicted at the header of this post but I want to start with…

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Heaven and Earth Tarot

It would be fair to say that I am a lover (and collector) of Tarot – having possibly as many as 300 decks in the house! I stopped counting as the guilt was becoming too much to bare! It would also be fair to say that my Tarot tastes are traditional – I shy away from the more avant guard…

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The Liminal Space – a coronavirus covid 19 post

A friend of mine – Sandra Duckworth I doff my cap to thee – recently mentioned in a text exchange how she was experiencing the lockdown as a liminal space, sometimes known as a space betwixt between! LIGHT BULB MOMENT! Of course this is a liminal space – I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it myself before – a…

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HEAL THE HOSPITALS a coronavirus covid 19 post

The scientists tell us we are approaching the peak in regards to the rates of infection and very probably the rates of death every day! This will be a challenging time for many – those of us listening at home feeling helpless and powerless, those of us grieving the lost and those of us serving on the frontline. Out of…

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A Magical Healing for Carona Virus Covid 19

So … first things first … in my humble opinion ANY and ALL forms of healing – be it crystal, reiki, spiritual, faith, pranic, angelic or magickal should only ever be seen as an assist to conventional medical healing via medication and orthodox treatment and NEVER as a replacement for it! Got that? OK … lets carry on! Magick has…

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From death comes life …

This – the power of “The Green” has been known, venerated and utilised since the beginning of time – sometimes called Telluric Energy and sometimes called simply The Green Ray. It is the power of life held with the heart and core of the planet which causes sleeping plants to awaken from their winter hibernation and wounded plants to heal…

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It’s strange – as someone who lived in South Yorkshire for most of his life – to hear the familiar names of the villages and towns mentioned on the radio and TV. Sad to hear why as the floods that have torn through those hamlets and villages has dominated the news, revealing in vivid details the sad tragedy of it…

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