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A Magical Healing for Carona Virus Covid 19

So … first things first … in my humble opinion ANY and ALL forms of healing – be it crystal, reiki, spiritual, faith, pranic, angelic or magickal should only ever be seen as an assist to conventional medical healing via medication and orthodox treatment and NEVER as a replacement for it! Got that? OK … lets carry on!

Magick has been used to heal people since the beginning of time though – these days – it’s really rather rarely spoken about – the magickal emphasis being much more on manifestation, counter cursing and love. However because magick – once instigated – can be left to find its own way – utilising the path of least resistance and flowing in accordance with natural law – it can be a POWERFUL means of bringing about healing – to people, places, animals, crystals and the Earth!

It works largely in one of two ways – through banishment and invocation!

The Carona Virus Covid 19 is clearly an “air ailment” … it is transmitted via the air and attacks the lungs in the body so in order to clear it we need to use the element of air in reverse – in other words an air banishment. Those more advanced magical practitioners might then use a “banishing pentacle of air” when clearing the virus from people and places and I would heartily advise this but for those less practised in such things we might instead use a more simple verbal spell.

For the Pagans and Wiccans amongst us we might use the opening words of an old charm used for clearing space …

Witches broom

Swift in flight

Sweet out darkness 

Sweep in light …

This uses the traditional witches tool – the broom or besom – for cleansing and clearing to sweep out the darkness of the virus and banish it AND very importantly sweep in the light of healing! These two intentions would be held whilst the charm was chanted over and over again (at least 9 times – 9 being the number of banishment though you could do more) whilst either visualising the person we wanted to heal or the place we wanted to clear. When we had finished we might say …

Into the fire

Into the flame

Never more to be seen again

To ensure that the virus we have removed is transformed by the element of fire. This could be chanted 3, 6 or 7 times. If you are using this charm to heal a person you might want to then give them extra healing, to help repair their damaged lungs by using the traditional healing charm …

Blood to blood 

And Bone to bone

This is the spell

That I intone

Sinew to sinew

And vein to vein

And each one shall be

Whole again!


Now if paganism isn’t your thing you could use an alternate version of the above – equally as powerful – which calls upon the Angels for help thus …

Angels wings

Swift in flight

Sweep out darkness

Sweep in light

Followed by …

Angel fire

Angel flame

Virus never be seen again 


With the back up healing …

Angels of healing

Let it begin

Healing without

And healing within

Healing their body

Heart, Mind and Soul

Angels of healing

Let them be whole

Potentially either of these spells could be used to banish the virus from the entire nation or even the entire planet BUT this would require a coordinated and timed concerted effort of enormous proportions in order to overwhelm the fear energy which is prevalent at the moment and helping to both circulate the virus and hold its presence in place. Still .. in theory .. its possible. However for the time being lets focus on those sick and in need as – if you don’t know someone already – you possibly will do soon! 

REMEMBER if you can’t get permission from the person to do the spell then after it has been done you can always use the safety clause …

For the greater good and to harm none

So long as this flows in accordance with Divine will

And the will of their Higher Self


As I said earlier, this is by no means a cure and always to be used in conjunction with conventional orthodox medical advice but it certainly can’t do any harm and surely can only do some good!

Happy spell casting and PLEASE feel free to share!

*Note the image is copyright to Edwin Courtenay from his oracle deck The Wisdom of the Merlin




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