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Magickal Protection from Carona Virus Covid 19

So … before we begin it is important to state that the below suggested magickal protection IN NO WAY acts as a guarantee to safe guard you from the virus. AND that we should – of course – still be taking all orthodox actions suggested by the government and the NHS to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe!

However a little magick certainly can do no harm and in many ways can help us to feel that we have done all within our power to contribute to our well being and the well being of our family and friends. This spell is Angel Magick, drawing upon the special talents of a lesser known Archangel called Galadreel – pronounced Ga lad see el.

Gadreel’s name means “Wall of God”  – in some texts he is said to have made man familiar with the weapons of war, whilst in others he is employed to create a wall around Eden so that mankind might not enter back into the garden to partake of the Tree of Life which would grant them immortality. 

As is the case – with many magickal angels – later Gadreel was demonised by the church and transformed into the serpent that tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit – however the various christian religions blame this upon several angels – from Lucifer to Samael – and I have always been taught by Spirit that this reference is actually one which illuminates Galadreel as an angel of feminine empowerment, magick and initiation!

It is however from the latter story of Gadreel’s protection of the Garden of Eden that he gains his name “Wall of God” and as such is sometimes an Angel called upon by magicians to create magical boundaries around people and places so that they might be either protected or bound/contained. 

As such he is the perfect Angel to call upon to protect your home or work space, your group or family or larger collections of people – whereas Michael for example has always been more of an Angel to call upon for personal or singular protection. 

Although traditionally we might call upon him for psychic protection, protection against curses and negative entities there is no reason why – with the right intent – we might not call upon him for protection against the Carona Virus, asking him to keep it at bay and prevent it from entering into our homes. our offices, our schools and hospitals and of course even our personal space!

Here then is the charm that we might use …

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, elbows bent, palms facing away from you towards the place where you want the wall to be erected.If you can’t do this physically – out of fear that your friends in the office, school or hospital might whisk you away to the loony bin then imagine yourself doing this., say …

I Call upon Gadreel – Wall of God

  • Now chant for as long as you might like or at least 9 times…

Let feathers be the seeds I sow

To make a wall of wings …

  • As you chant visualize first feathers falling from the skies in a perfect circle around you and/or the place you are protecting.
  • Once in place visualize from these feathers a wall rising upwards from the Earth, a wall of powerful and mighty wings closing in about you to form a boundary, a barrier against the darkness.
  • Once formed stamp your right foot upon the Earth and state once clearly and strongly …

I stand in circles of light that no darkness may cross.

  •       This activates the protection.

Although you probably need only do this once a month you can in truth do it as many times as you might like, twice a month, once a week, every day – whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. you can also of course light a candle – white or even better purple or deep magenta – and have nearby crystals such as Amethyst, Sugilite, Lepidolite, Charolite or Iolite to help.

This can be done absently through visualisation and once again if you are concerned about peoples free will just add the clause at the end …

So long as this flows in accordance with the will of their Higher Self and the will of the Divine, so mote it be, let it be so, amen.

Happy spells casting people and as always please feel free to share!

*Note the image attached to this blog post is copyright Edwin Courtenay and not be commercially reproduced in any way.



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