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The Power of Three

A long, long time ago I had a numerology reading from a lovely man in Manchester whose name I have ashamedly forgotten! Amongst the many fascinating and accurate things he told me was information concerning my numerological pattern number! This is the number derived from your birth day number – mine being 3 as 30 (my birthday is the 30th)…

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According to Thomas Levin the definition of individuation is “… not a process of improvement or of getting better but of becoming more you!” Ru Paul (another great philosopher of our time) might call this “… attuning to your own frequency” distilling the dross of projection, expectation and the illusion of trying to be what we think others want us…

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Channelling … It is understandable – when contemplating the element of fire – that we might jump to the conclusion that this is the element of transformation only and that transformation – when applied to matter – must mean cleansing in some way. After all there is truth in this and the Alchemists – who considered themselves “philosophers of fire”…

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