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A Phoenix from the Ashes …

The time is approaching when – slowly – our world will begin to return to normal, however many of us are fast becoming aware that whilst we have been in seclusion the world that we left behind has changed. Not only on the outside but also within and so the world we return to – though similar – will have a slightly different feel and look to the one we left behind!

There is sadness in this and there will be grieving but there may also be opportunity …

The Phoenix is a mythical bird (in truth an elemental creature) which is said periodically to wither and die, decaying into a pile of ash from which in time it springs forth renewed. The misconception often entered into is that the bird is the same – youthful yes but an exact replica of its former version simply restored but this is in fact not true.

Rather each time the bird is restored it is also changed, advanced, improved … ascended! The new incarnation having grown from its former selves experiences, now more learned and powerful than it was before. Its vision a little clearer, its purpose a little more resolved. Its energy vibrating at a higher level – transcendent of the worries and challenges that plagued it before!

The Phoenix being then not only the totem of resurrection and restoration but also of transcendence and ascension too!

As we then move forwards – returning to the greater world – we must strive to be like the Phoenix and even call upon its power for guidance and help. For each and every one of us has been changed by the experience of the past year and a half. Whether this was because of our direct experience with Covid 19 or a vicarious one as a result of a loved one suffering. Or whether this is because of the trials and challenges that we have faced in regards to work, our business, our isolation and loneliness. Whether it be because of the shift in the dynamic of our relationships, some growing stronger – some falling apart. The people around us who have changed us due to their kindness and love or their callousness and betrayal … the pandemic, the lockdown has altered us all for good.

Now as we enter back out into the world we can either try to be the same, squeezing ourselves back into a life that maybe doesn’t quite fit the same as it did before – because both its changed and so have we or we can make the most of this moment and seek to embrace the new and make of it something that we realise we both now want and need!

The universe around us and our fate within it is suddenly more elastic than it was before and we don’t necessarily have to be the person we were. We don’t have too fit back in as we did before … now we can potentially change! We can strive to be more the person we have come to recognise ourself as truly being … we can strive to make for ourself a better world that flows more in alignment with what we truly feel and see to be important. We can strive to create our legacy, to craft an imprint worthy of leaving behind, to build our dream and make it count.

Before then the doors open, before the clocks start ticking as they once did before take a moment to think about how you want your life to truly be and set in motion – through Quantum Seeding and manifestation – begin to make your desires a reality. Let the Universe know who you have become and what you want and expect from it, call out to your Angels and your Guides. 

NOW is the time – there is no other – to begin the process of manifesting change and this requires clear sight, truthfulness and courage. NOW is the time to be honest with yourself and not simply make do! NOW is the time to plan your dreams and set them in motion – none of us will experience this moment again! NOW then is the time to become who you were always meant to be and make your mark upon the world in the way that you want to.

NOW is the time to RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX from your own ashes and be REBORN!

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