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Into the gloom!

There is no denying that Winter is here – the morning AND evenings are dark and cold and the day time wet and gloomy! The central heating is on – even in our house – though not all the time of course … thats just foolishness! During such times its common place for us all to begin to feel our…

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The Spirit of Christmas

Recently – within the last few years – I have found Christmas quite the challenge, four years ago this year my dear old Mum died in early December and her passing was – for those of us who were with her at the time – quite traumatic. It has therefore rather soured the memory of the season for me –…

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It seems to me that there is rather a lack of integrity in the world at the moment! Not only from our politicians and religious leaders – though lord knows there is certainly a lack of integrity there – but also from those who might both consider themselves to be spiritual and indeed proclaim that they are! Quite recently I’ve…

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We are led to think of limitations as a bad thing, restrictions that hinder and slow us down – however in some circumstances and situations this is far from the truth. Limitations can sometimes help us to focus our energies, to concentrate our intent and to move forwards in a more efficient and less scattered way. Sometimes in order to…

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The Seeing Eye

My first recollected experience of clairvoyance was when I was five years old, my Grandmother – who had been in Spirit for a couple of months – appeared before me at school – the by the rack of Lady Bird books – smiling. I told my teacher who was sympathetic but dismissive and I told my Mum who told me…

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Psychical development is something which often gets over looked in the spiritual community these days and yet it is an essential aspect of self that warrants investigation and development if one is to learn to sense beyond the physical dimension and feel into the subtle planes that interpenetrate our own. The psychical sense enables one to feel or see or…

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Happy Birthday Mum

Today would have been my Mums 94th birthday – she passed three years ago – four years next month and although now most days I tend not to think about it too much there are moments when I miss her so much I can barely breathe. Still … I know I am the lucky one … because I still get…

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