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Psychical development is something which often gets over looked in the spiritual community these days and yet it is an essential aspect of self that warrants investigation and development if one is to learn to sense beyond the physical dimension and feel into the subtle planes that interpenetrate our own.

The psychical sense enables one to feel or see or know the energetic state and nature of the environment in which we find ourself – ambient psychic energy – or the energy found in an object or person – including both organic and non organic objects – i.e. objects that are no longer strictly alive such as ornaments, clothing and jewellery.

The development of ones psychical sensitivity can take years and years and years – even for the most gifted – and its fine tuning can be a frustrating and tricky adventure that requires great discipline and focus. Anything therefore that we can use to enable and speed up the process of this development is for the greater good of all!

Pentagonite – a crystal named for the unusual twinning which produces an apparent five-fold symmetry (whatever that means) is a stone that can provide us with just this help. Magnifying and strengthening not only our psychical energy but also sharpening our psychical focus and helping us to develop the skills to “tune in” in a supported energetic environment.

Perfect for any and all forms of psychic practice from psychometry to dream work the crystal can be worn, held or tucked into the pocket – once cleansed and programmed – in order for it to have its effect. Despite being a little delicate its perfect for under the pillow too inducing psychic dreams!

It is important to note that this stone is not for the development of mediumistic abilities – that would be a different stone entirely – although it can support the development of mediumism as a stepping stone from psychical development skills.

Pentagonite – perfect for those seeking to broaden their ability to sense and feel energy!

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