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THE MECHANICS OF CLAIRVOYANCE AND THE GAY BRAIN! All psychical and mediumistic experiences begin with the spiritual information entering the brain – through the psychical and mediumistic receptors – the chakras.  This energy and information is first processed in the right hemispheres of the brain and then passed via the corpus callosum (a connective pathway in the brain made up…

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For the second of my blogs celebrating Pride Month, Gay Spirituality and the LGBTQ+ Community I wanted to explore “LGBTQ+ Archetypes” or those gods and goddesses who are recorded as having LGBTQ+ natures. Although I am sure the list below will contain some deities that you – dear reader  – are less familiar with I am sure too that some…

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PRIDE MONTH : The Rainbow Flag

The first of my Gay Spirituality LGBTQ+ blogs this month (June 2021) in honour of Pride month focuses on the Pride Flag. Sometimes called the Gay Pride Flag, the Rainbow Flag or the LGBT Pride Flag it has evolved and changed since its creation into that flag depicted at the header of this post but I want to start with…

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Aquatine Lemurian Calcite (sometimes called Blue Onyx) is – I must say a relatively new one on me! I only encountered the stone last year for the first time, ever late to the party but instantly fell in love! There is something incredibly evocative about the stone – from its dreamy colour, which conjures visions of glassy warm tropical oceans…

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Crystals : Optical Calcite

This month (May2021) I will be focusing on an AMAZING and yet highly underrated crystal – Calcite! Edgar Cayce – the famous American “sleeping prophet” of the late 1800’s once said in trance that Calcite was the “… crystal of the New Age …” and yet in comparison to its mineral brothers and sisters it is often considered to be…

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The Philosophic Egg – a St Germain Channelling …

In Alchemy the vessel in which the Prima Materia (prime matter – the thing that is being changed) is placed  is called the Alembic – other wise known as “the Philosophic Egg”. The Alembic has a rounded exterior mirroring in many ways the shape of the Yoni – the sacred gateway to the magic of the Mother of Creation –…

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