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Aquatine Lemurian Calcite (sometimes called Blue Onyx) is – I must say a relatively new one on me! I only encountered the stone last year for the first time, ever late to the party but instantly fell in love!

There is something incredibly evocative about the stone – from its dreamy colour, which conjures visions of glassy warm tropical oceans – to its soothing touch – glass like but still smooth and comforting. Its energy is fresh and uplifting, vibration enhancing and consciousness expanding – creating and odd kind of space within the energy system which eliminates feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia and allows the system to breathe. Perfect for these strange times!

Never one to usually buy into the fanciful names often given to “new crystals” (or those that mineral sellers want to shift) this time the title given to this stone feels wholly appropriate as the crystal does – in my opinion – have a powerful Lemurian/Atlantean connection.

There was a period of time – as Lemuria was ending and Atlantis was rising – when the energies between the two worlds crossed over. It is a spiritual time period that is very rarely spoken of and yet it was one of great power, great light and great hope when the Divine was beginning to set in motion his plan for our planet Earth with great optimism and positivity. It was a time of magic and purity, clarity and openness that combined the love fostered in Lemuria with the great spiritual intelligence of Atlantis and this crystal optimises and captures this time and energy perfectly in one power house of a stone.

All of this then becomes available to those who tap into the crystals energy and power, a flood of hope that opens doors within the mind and heart, a connection to the deep power of Divine creativity within that encourages us to see that anything and everything is possible.

As for the psychical powers and properties of the stone – apart from its ability to raise vibrational frequency and inspire past life memories of both Lemuria and Atlantis – it is a high vibrational healer – tending to the light body. Balancing and cleansing the field and increasing its light quotient as well as strengthening ones connection to the Soul, the Higher Self and our life path and purpose – in a way similar to the fashion in which Blue Opal Stone does, by at times literally leading one by the arm towards ones destiny!

It also has a powerful effect upon the talent of clairvoyance – potentially lifting it to ever greater heights and advancing it onto the Soul Level – whereby the seer can read the Soul energy of another and more easily access not only their Akashic Records but also their Spiritual Blue Prints also.

A perfect crystal then for the light worker seeking to either advance in their own spiritual development or indeed strengthen their craft so that they might better use it for others as well as being the perfect stone for the Lemuria and Atlantis obsessed this crystal is – in my humble opinion – a must have in any crystal healers kit, so that it can be used for the anxious and stressed as well as those struggling with light body lethargy.

Not to mention the fact of course that it is just THE most beautiful stone to stare at, complimenting any room with its calming blue greens and shimmering golds. Go grab some now – whilst its relatively inexpensive – because as soon as people cotton on that this is as desirable as I think it will become the prices will very probably go sky high!

Pictures courtesy of Annie Wilkinson Gill of the Crystal Buddha where these beauties can be – VERY reasonably – obtained – website link …

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