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The Occipital Lobe Chakra

The Occipital Lobe Chakra goes by many other names like the Well of Dreams Chakra, the Eighth Chakra, the Psychic Gateway or the Zeal chakra or even the Mouth of God! This chakra is situated at base of the skull and back of the neck where the cranium ends in a boney knuckle and descends into the softer flesh of…

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The Stellar Gateway

THE STELLAR GATEWAY CHAKRA I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated these days when standing at my stall at Mind, Body spirit fairs chatting to self proclaimed “Reiki Masters” or “Master Healers” who haven’t got a clue what a chakra is!  Back in my day … and yes I realise how old that makes me sound … the chakras were one…

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The Angels of Mental and Emotional Healing

Recent events in the media once again focus our attention on the importance of mental and emotional well being. Who truly knows how another is feeling deep inside? Smiles and seeming success in life can hide deep pain and grief and fear. The Instagram or Facebook existence can seem to be a rosey one encouraging those in need to hide…

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The Crystal Skulls

I thought it was high time that I wrote a series of posts on (and from) the Crystal skulls. I have worked with Crystals Skulls now for around 20 or so years and over the years I have had both large and small collections. I have worked with them to heal people and the land, to read with and from…

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Into the gloom!

There is no denying that Winter is here – the morning AND evenings are dark and cold and the day time wet and gloomy! The central heating is on – even in our house – though not all the time of course … thats just foolishness! During such times its common place for us all to begin to feel our…

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