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FOLLOW THE SIGNS – a St Germain Channelling

As you begin to walk in a new direction – one that leaves behind the year 2020 and all is trauma – forwards towards a year of recovery and new light and growth – you will need to decipher the signs along the way.

These signs will come in copious amount sent from the Divine to offer you guidance but in order to ensure that you receive them you must play your part in raising your frequency and expanding your consciousness now. For in holding yourself consistently in said space you might better see and understand the communication offered all around you.

To this end your would do well to remember to reach out to those who can best aid you here – your spirit guide – your guardian angel – your master patrons, your earthly teachers and friends. Beings who can help to serve to remind who you truly are and anchor you in regular disciplined practice that will assure your vibration as you move on.

From this potential height you will also be able to foresee and avoid potential problems and disasters – with the aid of both your intuition and your sharp intellect. Solutions presenting themselves spontaneously and in an innovative way as soon as the problems appear! And so too you must learn – more and more – to trust your brilliant flashes of inspiration and follow their lead – even when you are unclear as to where exactly they might be leading you to.

The guidance will lead you to new and exciting plans – which will appear all more feasible if you hold yourself open to both them and the need and willingness to change. Prioritising and re prioritising may then become a “thing” for you – if you are to live a life in the now – and those around you who find this frustrating may have to adjust or compromise or simply depart – if they are unable to cope! 

As well as these changes you may need to further harmonise your material needs with your spiritual path which may mean turning things down, leaving things behind – following a route which might not seem wise or logical at the time. But which is rather a path founded upon faith and trust in the invisible sense that you hold to be true. Grounding more and more within the spiritual light and power which is your own true nature and your own true way.

For you are now upon the initiates journey – seeking the conclusion of that alchemy and transformation set in motion by 2020 – a transformation that might now become fully actualised – now the dust has settled and the dross and detritus cleared. 

As a result of your endurance of the pressures passed you may find yourself embracing volatile new ideas – strange and dramatic – your awareness now firmly fixed on making the most of the life that remains – a life that you are ever more grateful to own after the deaths of all those that have preceded you. This sudden and new appreciation of the gift of life and awareness that you have,  making you even more willing to take the chances that need to be made and the dramatic changes that this will require to be made manifest.

Now then we start the page a new – now – with all that we know and have seen and have endured we sally forth, emboldened and blazing – clear and determined, sure and resolute. For it is the time – there is no other – now we must make sure that all that we have dreamed comes to pass. For now – more than ever before – we recognise the precious nature of life in all its uncertainty. In all its briefness and all its fragility and now – emboldened and empowered we resolve to do what we have come to do and be who we have come to be!

Shake off then your weariness and pass swiftly and smoothly into the new year that lies before you – ready to embrace each and every gift and moment that it holds in store. And remember … you are never alone but rather always over lit by the light of the Divine – in one form or another – shining down upon you like the sun – your personally guiding star leading you forwards ever in light and love.

Go forth then beloved and know these words to be true.


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