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In truth we are all becoming … transforming from that which we have been led to believe we are to that which in truth we are – in essence. Emerging from the cocoon of assumptions and accepted projections absorbed and taken from our parents, siblings and peers, our society and history into the self realised, individuated truth of our spiritual…

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Earth Healing

Our world is in need of healing – this much surely is clear – whether you believe in climate change (and in my opinion who with a brain wouldn’t) or whether your concern lies more with pollution – energetic (Wifi, 5G etc) or pharmaceutical (pesticides and toxic waste) – our world is in need! Add to this spiritual pollution –…

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National Black Cat Day

October the 27th is National Black Cat Day … who knew! The Black Cat is a creature which – throughout history, culture and country – has been a divisive figure, sometimes seen as an omen of good luck, sometimes of bad! In America it is still considered bad luck for a Black Cat to cross your path – a superstition…

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The Phoenix Will Rise

The Phoenix is considered to be a mythical bird that holds the power of perpetual renewal. It lives and ages eventually combusting in to fire and ash from which it is reborn a new! Used as a symbol by Alchemists for the transformational power of fire – an essential ingredient in the alchemical process (so much so that the alchemists…

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Place It In the Flame

It is not uncommon for people at this time of the year to begin to feel both the weight of the year that has passed – as they approach the finish line of the year ahead and the exhaustion that the shift of the season and its dark mornings and nights bring. Energetically we approach the ending of the energies…

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Guardians of the Light

As “Light Workers” part of your task is to guard the light of truth, love and right action upon the Earth. This is no easy task – certainly not now – in the period of history that you are living through. A time when truth is a rarity and often victim to “fake news” and politically motivated propaganda. When love…

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The Compass of the Heart …

As we journey through all walks of life – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – all we can ever hope to do is follow the compass of the heart. For it is from and through the heart that the voice of the Soul can be heard speaking with infinite compassion and love and profound wisdom and truth for the self.…

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