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The Compass of the Heart …

As we journey through all walks of life – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – all we can ever hope to do is follow the compass of the heart.

For it is from and through the heart that the voice of the Soul can be heard speaking with infinite compassion and love and profound wisdom and truth for the self.

Of course hearing the voice – following the compass – is no simple thing to do – it takes time to filter out the noise of our peer group, family and friends – the opinion of society which often wants us to be something other than that which we truly are. AND it takes courage to follow the voice – particularly when it leads us away from the norm into unchartered areas where others thoughts, feelings and opinions might be different to ours and clash with our world view.

But this is the nature and process of individuation – not always and necessarily a rebellion against the rest of the world but rather a willingness to follow with conviction our own thoughts, inspiration and beliefs despite the approval or disapproval of others.

Some might say that this leads to anarchy and maybe this is true but when ever has the world been changed by conformity? It has only ever been those who have dared to speak out against the current tradition and train of thought who have changed the nature of the world.

Now this is not easy – less so in these days of social media where every one is a target for the opinion and derision of others AND it takes a brave and resilient soul to put themselves and their opinions and thoughts on display for all and sundry to see BUT to do so is to step into ones power and follows ones compass truly – no longer afraid of recrimination but rather certain that following ones grace is the right thing to do.

In a quiet space then take your awareness to your heart and open the chakra there wide. Feed it – through your breath – with the light of the prana that you breathe and listen? The soul speaks to each and every person differently, sometimes with words and sometimes with visions, sometimes through synchronicity and sometimes through impulse. However your Soul speaks to you – trust it and act.

IF however you are in doubt and think that maybe the voice you hear is actually or possibly the voice of your want and desire rather than your Soul then ask for confirmation and proof and do not feel disloyal in doing so. for as much as the Spirits are happy to be tested so too is the Soul and will happily comply if it knows that such proof will give you greater cause next time to trust.

REMEMBER all we can do is be true to who and what we are, know and feel to be right and true – this is all the Divine asks of us and all that we should ask of ourself too!


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