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Guardians of the Light

As “Light Workers” part of your task is to guard the light of truth, love and right action upon the Earth.

This is no easy task – certainly not now – in the period of history that you are living through. A time when truth is a rarity and often victim to “fake news” and politically motivated propaganda. When love is undervalued and often passed over for self obsession and right action seen through prejudiced eyes as machination – employed to thwart what ever side apposes it.

In this day and age the guardian of the light is rarely popular, rarely recognised for what they are – often scrutinised and attacked, besmirched and vilified, despised and tarnished by biased historians and media. 

And yet … there are still a few who would stand against the rising tide of darkness and face bravely the baying mobs that challenge them in their duty – drawing to them over time followers who will uphold them and take up the charge of the torch of truth. 

It is not for everyone to be at the forefront of these battles or even amongst the crowds supporting those brave warriors BUT we can still support those champions absently with the power of our thought and love. We can still enfold them into our daily prayers and clear the space about them and the path before them – in accordance with divine will.

We … you … can play your part.

Of course it is not always easy to recognise the light, the truth, the love – even the most well intentioned can fall victim to deceit, even the most aligned and connected be fooled that is why it is essential that all that is done is done in accordance with Divine Will. That this phrase …


…becomes enshrined as principle into everything we do! Then – and only then – even if we act wrongly our intention will be corrected and we will be saved from doing undue harm.

For then your heart and if you can do … do! If you can be part of the battalion of light and truth and love and demonstrate your beliefs – safely and with virtue – then do! If you have the courage and the strength to lead from the front … then lead from the front and shine BUT if – for whatever reason you cannot – then support from the comfort and security of your own home and know and trust and believe that your contribution is valid.

Though they may never know you – nor meet you – nor hear or speak your name they will know the touch of your Soul and be upheld by it and this … this will make a difference!


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