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The Angel of the Uniformed Services – a Coronavirus Covid 19 Post

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me at the moment when I say that our uniformed service men and women – be them Doctors, Nurses, the Police or the Army or Firemen and Firewomen – are doing an INCREDIBLE job on our behalf!  I would add to this list those other “key workers” still braving the virus on a…

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Remembrance Day will soon be upon us and as always it remains a contentious affair – particularly amongst the spiritually minded. On one hand honouring our ancestors, those who have gone before us is something dear to the spiritual communities heart and very much entered into in ritual and ceremonies across the spiritual board. Acknowledging those who have – in…

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Guardians of the Light

As “Light Workers” part of your task is to guard the light of truth, love and right action upon the Earth. This is no easy task – certainly not now – in the period of history that you are living through. A time when truth is a rarity and often victim to “fake news” and politically motivated propaganda. When love…

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When in doubt … pray

These are such trying times – whether you find yourself concerned about the environment, Brexit, Mr Trump or Mr Johnson, Russia, racism, homophobia, transphobia, cancer, obesity, dementia or the weather … These are trying times. Many people now feel overwhelmed with the goings on of the world, weighed down, powerless and very, very afraid (myself included). And despite those seemingly…

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We need a miracle …

There is no doubt that these are difficult times from challenges to democracy, despotic world leaders, climate change and the Amazon Rain Forest fires to world poverty, antibiotic immunity, trade wars spiralling out of control to the refugee crisis and an alarming increase in homophobic and race related hate crimes. Issues that both make us feel powerless and overwhelm us…

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