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When in doubt … pray

These are such trying times – whether you find yourself concerned about the environment, Brexit, Mr Trump or Mr Johnson, Russia, racism, homophobia, transphobia, cancer, obesity, dementia or the weather …

These are trying times.

Many people now feel overwhelmed with the goings on of the world, weighed down, powerless and very, very afraid (myself included). And despite those seemingly in the know telling us “all will be well” we still find ourselves unable to sleep, heavy with depression and fear and drowning in a deepening sense of helplessness.

Now of course with some things there is something we might be able to do, whether that be lobbying our MP or attending demonstrations and rallies or signing petitions to recycling – choosing no longer to eat meat – to contributing our time and money to helping.

Still however there are those things that offer no easy or obvious means or methods of help that we might be able to offer and so in these cases (as well as the ones we are helping practically with) we must turn to prayer.

Not that the Divine – coerced by our prayers – will wave his magic wand and set all right again but rather that our positive thoughts, our positive desires and intentions – combined maybe with the will of the Divine – can help in bringing about the magic and manifestation that we seek.

Thoughts have power … we know this … energy following the flow of our intent, setting the quantum universe in to alignment with our wishes, informing the world around us what we desire and expect. When thoughts combine and coalesce they build in power and impetus – altering consciousness and forming new realities, opening up new doorways of possibility and power.

The Archangel Sandalphon is the angel of prayer who gathers the prayers of humanity and delivers them to the Divine that they might be answered through the machinations of his twin brother – the Archangel Metatron. This great angel marshalling the angelic forces in order to bring into being the miracles needed and the energy required to power such acts of wonder. 

When you are unsure then of what to do call upon Sandalphon, bring your hands together and pray – focusing on the goal – NOT the means – that you seek for your fellow man, woman and child and the Earth and all its inhabitants. Remembering and trusting in the power of prayer!

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