I see dead people …

As we approach Samhein (Halloween to most) the veil between the world of the living and the dead becomes thin – as the energy of the “old year” passes and the energy of the “new year” rushes in.

The thinning of the veil is not a sudden thing but a gradual shift – just as the exchange of yearly energy is. The thinning begins in late August and intensifies as we move through October and the change of yearly energy builds from November the 1st onwards until January the 1st when the collective consciousness of man – having decided that this is truly when the new year starts – anchors the new energy in place.

As the veil grows thin the dead (the spirits of those who have gone before) can be more easily seen and connected with, as can the spirits who are earth bound AND the spirits of the elements, the spirits of tree’s and rivers and forests and wells. 

Our own guides and guardian angels can also be more easily connected with and its not uncommon for the sensitive to experience and accentuation of their gifts. 

I have seen spirit since I was 5 years old – so seeing dead people is not big deal for me now – in fact I see them all the time, waiting at bus stops, in the cinema, shopping in the super market, waiting in line at the post office. 

Some are earth bound spirits, lost and confused and some are just visitors, enjoying being amongst the living, walking side by side with friends and loved ones they have left behind.

During the thinning ing of the veil I see spirit more and more and more – this weekend just gone at the MBS fair Andrew and I were working at I saw lots of spirits, wondering around, looking at stalls and listening in on other peoples readings. Hovering by those receiving healing and attending talks. At times it was a little distracting (as it can be sometimes annoying – when they won’t stop with their chatter which can be as insane as it was in life) but mostly it is comforting to see that life goes on.

Traditionally on Samhein night then we pagans plate up a meal for the dead  at the dinner table – leaving the food outside when the dinner is done. We also carve a pumpkin lantern (enchanted of course) to act as guardian and ward to keep unwanted and potentially meddlesome spirits at bay. The positive spirits we invite into our home so that they might spend a little time by our side – as they did when they were alive – enjoying our company and love.

Remember this then as October progresses and keep your ears and eyes open, the dead walk amongst us as they always did, our friends and family and neighbours – seeking a little contact and a little love. Open then your heart to them and welcome them close and know that they mean you no harm … onely love.


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