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The Philosophic Egg – a St Germain Channelling …

In Alchemy the vessel in which the Prima Materia (prime matter – the thing that is being changed) is placed  is called the Alembic – other wise known as “the Philosophic Egg”.

The Alembic has a rounded exterior mirroring in many ways the shape of the Yoni – the sacred gateway to the magic of the Mother of Creation – as well as the egg – symbol of rebirth and in some ways death too! It is the sacred (feminine) geometry of the vessels shape that gives it its power – enabling it to focus the very forces of transformation and rebirth, resurrection and resurgence into the Prima Materia and those others “chemicals” added to the mix.

At this time of year … Ostara … Easter … we find ourselves surrounded by eggs! Chocolate eggs, painted eggs – eggs that symbolise the Great Goddess Eostre whose symbol is the egg – representing the powers of spring. As well the symbol of the egg held by Christians to represent the returning of the Master Jesus and the Christ in resurrection after his death by crucifixion on the cross. And so we are subjected – consciously – unconsciously to their power through association, as well as the power of their radiating field of energy and light connected to their shape and form.

In Alchemy the message of the Alembic is that of the importance of the vessel – the human body – as well as the human experience – the vessel for the Spirit on Earth and the way in which its limitations and liberties effect and shape and form the nature and outcome of the alchemical process of the Soul.

The Alembic speaks to us of the need to observe what has been set in motion and patiently wait for the outcome, evaluating when to act and when to remain silent and still.

It speaks to us of honouring the process that either you – or the world – has set in motion and trusting in the higher power – the higher design that works through all things – even if it remains at this moment in time an invisible mystery to you. 

Timing is important – the Alembic says – and Divine timing even more so … one cannot simply stir the pot in order to make the change occur more quickly, one cannot simply shake things up in order to encourage them to change – no – one must be patient.

Similarly obsession – rather than observance – also does not aid the outcome … now the process is out of your hands and must simply be allowed to finish its course! Obsession can create a negative field of expectation that can do more harm than good and should be therefore avoided at all costs! If the transformation does not occur as you had hoped (or does not occur at all) then and only then can you endeavour to make changes in order to course correct that which has been born and made manifest but now is not that time!

Either way if the experiment is a success or a failure there is always something to be gained and nothing is ever truly wasted or lost! As each experiment shows us with ever greater clarity what we truly hoped for and want and sometimes the better means by which we might attain it.

Of course this allegory applies now to the situation in which many of you find yourself where the long road through the Pandemic is in many ways almost over and the lockdown about to come to an end. The world around you has changed as a result of it and so have you and you will emerge soon into a new world – familiar but not the same. It is then up to you how you choose to embrace this change, to see it as an opportunity for your own further transformation or rather simply an exercise in gratitude and evaluating for yourself those things in your life which are truly of importance.

Either way the dice are cast, the cards dealt and soon your fate moving forwards will be revealed.

At this time of year then embrace the energies of Spring, the powers of resurrection, the magic of the egg as symbol and philosophy and try to ride the currents of change which are inevitable. You may discover to your surprise and wonder that the brave new world that you face – from both inside and outside of yourself – is not a dark and ravaged landscape but rather one of opportunity and hope.

In love then this is my wish for you – may the Gods of alchemy smile Kindly on you and make it so!


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