Crystals : Optical Calcite

This month (May2021) I will be focusing on an AMAZING and yet highly underrated crystal – Calcite!

Edgar Cayce – the famous American “sleeping prophet” of the late 1800’s once said in trance that Calcite was the “… crystal of the New Age …” and yet in comparison to its mineral brothers and sisters it is often considered to be quite low on the pecking order. This may be in part to its rather fragile nature, making it not ideal for the spiritual venturer on the go because of its tendency to both bruise and break. Add to this the fact that longer, thinner pieces can also bend when warm (even from the warmth of the hand) and Calcite becomes a crystal best used in situ.

Still Calcite has EXCELLENT channelling abilities and is perfect for those highly sensitive because of the more moon like feminine gentle nature of its focusing energy. Enabling those who would align to it to both strengthen their concentration, raise their vibration and increase the light quotient (storehouse of life force energy) needed to channel successfully without over stimulating the psychic receptors like other more masculine crystals – such as Quartz, Danburite and Tanzenite – can do.

As such Calcite can be used as an alternative to Quartz for both scrying (crystal gazing) as well as for meditation and channelling – clairvoyantly or in trance. It soft gentle passive power also helping to open the channel to the psychic impressions and entities they are seeking connection and communion with.

Calcite needs to be treated gently when being cleansed as it corrodes in salty water and therefore is best cleared using sound, thought or smudged with White Sage or Palo Santo. It should not be stored on top of heaters or radiators, handled gently and with love and not knocked or hit where possible – so no storing it alongside other crystals in pouches or boxes.

It has an angelic energy alignment too and can be used to attune a space to Angelic presence by altering the frequency and vibration of ambient energy by simply being left in a room once it has been dedicated to task. Optical or Ice Calcite – such as those pictured in this article – are excellent for the amplification of thought, energy and intent and so can also be used in manifestation and affirmation work.

All in all Calcite is a treasure not to be ignored and throughout this month I will be looking at those other forms of this amazing mineral and their specific uses and powers!

Calcite is not difficult to find nor is it particularly expensive and so a quick internet search will enable you to access some. If however you want great quality at a great price from a shop that ethically sources its crystals then go to https://www.thecrystalbuddha.com and type Ice Calcite in the search bar. You can also find the Crystal Buddha on Instagram and Facebook. Pictures included in this article courtesy of Annie Wilkinson Gill of the Crystal buddha who you can also find on Facebook and Instagram.

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