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All Around Us

Image copyright Edwin Courtenay

Once upon the fairy folk lived all around us, dancing with us side by side under the light of the full moon, sharing their sacred groves. Once upon a time the Fairy Folk aided us in our endeavours, invited into our homes, tending our gardens, milking our cows.

Then the Christian folk came – seeing the Fairy Folk as demons – as the bastard children of fallen angels and human beings, stuck between the realms. Slowly over time they turned the. Pagan. People against the Wee Folk, sowering their disposition to them, making them fear their one time friends.

The Christian folk hunted the Fairy, trapping them with charms and iron, forcing the Fairy Folk to flee into the “Other World” of the Astral Plane BUT the Fairy Folk – longing for their home – waited and when mankind wasn’t looking returned, veiled in their magick, so that they might dance again beneath the moonlight.

The Wee Folk are all about us, hidden in breezes and tree’s, see as shimmers that ride across still ponds, faces glimpsed in standing stones.

Reach out to them and show them you love them, renew their trust in our kind, show them kindness, offer them forgiveness. In time they may show themselves to you. In time they may dance with you again. In time they may enter your home when invited, tend your garden, milk your cow.

In time they may once again be with us in the world and share with us their secrets and their truths.

And then we will say … Once upon a time the Wee Folk were lost to us but that was a long, long time ago!

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