Fairy Folk

Fury Dust

In Peter Pan it’s Fairy Dust that makes the Darling children fly (that and a happy thought) but real Fairy Dust – and such thing does indeed exist – doesn’t have quite the same effect but it does do something similar.

For the Fairy Folk have the power to lift the spirits of those who have fallen – emotionally – on bad times and lost their “sparkle”!

This power is pure joy – the Fairy Folks unbridled delight, their wild frivolity, their infectious delight. A precious power that they are more than willing to share – should we ask them way for it.

So how then might we request from them such a gift? The answer – from the heart, earnestly, with true and sincere intent, in love and with great respect and admiration.

The blessing they offer you see is powerful, it is strong, it infects life with happiness and serendipity, it brings grace and joy to the saddest heart and the darkest mind and spirit.

It might not last forever this gift but whilst it does it will gift the spirit with carefree wonder, with true magick and true power, a blessing which if used wisely can change a life forever.

Under the moonlight go, into the garden, into the wood, beside the see and call to the Fairy Folk and gift them an offering. Sing them a song, speak them a poem, burry something shiny or sweet within the soil and then speak to them from the heart. Tell them your woes and ask them for your blessing and then wait.

If they answer then they will do so over night (never ones for patience or dramatic timing the fairy) and you will awaken transformed with only one obligation to address … pass on your good fortune, share your wonder, let others benefit from your delights. This is all the Fairy Folk ask – that you share your sparkle with those others you encounter who are in need!



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