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Darkest Before the Dawn …

“The nights are drawing in and Autumn advances quickening our descent towards winter darkness.” The Spirit of the Merlin Of course it is not the only darkness that we seem to be quickening towards as the world around us seems to be spiralling out of control!  Infection rates throughout the globe increasing and madness and hysteria spilling over in America…

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Magickal Protection from Carona Virus Covid 19

So … before we begin it is important to state that the below suggested magickal protection IN NO WAY acts as a guarantee to safe guard you from the virus. AND that we should – of course – still be taking all orthodox actions suggested by the government and the NHS to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe! However…

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A Magical Healing for Carona Virus Covid 19

So … first things first … in my humble opinion ANY and ALL forms of healing – be it crystal, reiki, spiritual, faith, pranic, angelic or magickal should only ever be seen as an assist to conventional medical healing via medication and orthodox treatment and NEVER as a replacement for it! Got that? OK … lets carry on! Magick has…

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I had heard of Blue Moonstone, Black Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone and of course true Moonstone before but never Green Moonstone! But there it was – shining at me from the crystal cabinet at the College of Psychic Studies. Later I was delighted when a dear friend – Maria – made a gift of it to me! The green of the…

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Earth Healing

Our world is in need of healing – this much surely is clear – whether you believe in climate change (and in my opinion who with a brain wouldn’t) or whether your concern lies more with pollution – energetic (Wifi, 5G etc) or pharmaceutical (pesticides and toxic waste) – our world is in need! Add to this spiritual pollution –…

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