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Darkest Before the Dawn …

“The nights are drawing in and Autumn advances quickening our descent towards winter darkness.” The Spirit of the Merlin

Of course it is not the only darkness that we seem to be quickening towards as the world around us seems to be spiralling out of control!  Infection rates throughout the globe increasing and madness and hysteria spilling over in America – with I fear only worse to come. Plus the dangerous ineptitude of our government at home escalating to almost comedic proportions – Excel  Spreadsheet indeed!

Add to this the usual seasonal stresses and strains that some of us are more susceptible to than others – the waning light, the increasing cold – the greater likelihood of colds and flu on top of Covid 19. The stresses of Christmas looming, already on display in supermarkets and garden centres – not a jolly holiday for those already struggling financially and these could seem like bleak times indeed.

It is during such times that we must endeavour to conjure the light both for ourselves and others – turning to the ways and traditions of our ancestors who had their own worries this time of year not the least of which was the primitive uncertainty as to whether or not – this time around – Spiring would return at all! 

Candle fire and hearth fire then was used to invoke light into the gloom, to both warm and cheer and fill the heart and mind and spirit with the golden glow of the waning sun and we now can do the same, employing a simple daily ritual in order to fill our spirit with light and direct it  to those in need around us.

Each morning as the day begins to awake light a candle in the stirring gloom and say these words …









Now gaze upon the candle flame and glow and hold the intent of its light reaching out into the ethers of your home, burning through the walls and ceiling and floor, filling the space with positivity and powerful golden light.

Breathe this light into your body and being, into your mind, into your heart, into your spirit – drink it deep into every cell of your body and adding to it the light of your own Soul let it spill forth out into the world, guided by your thoughts to those you know and love who are in need.

When done thank the element of fire with the words BRIGHT BLESSED BE and pinch or snuff out the candle flame and store the candle away for your next use.

The element of fire is powerful, it is the physical representative of spirit, a bridge and anchor point between the words as well as being the element of protection, passion, courage and change! Working with it in this simple way can have powerful repercussions of a most positive nature for both yourself and all those that you might bless including our crazy world!


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