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There is a Light – Channelling from the Spirit of the Merlin

The spiritual element has been known by many names throughout time – the Odic Force, the Akashic Light, the Arwen …

It is the primary element from which all other elements emerged – born as crystallising manifestations of its constituent ingredients in your reality.

It is a repository of memory found in the spiritual planes as the Akashic Library and on Earth as the morphogenic field and also as the clay from which creation might be formed and the solution into which creation might be dissolved.

Used by magicians since the beginning of time it belongs to everyone and is accessible by all!

As human kind is born from this element it is part of them you see and as such can be summoned from within – the Universal Law of Like Attracting Like meaning that when it is conquered forth in this way it will draw more of its own nature to it – from the surrounding environment. Never exhausting the world but in its own way serving to perpetuate the infinite nature of its force found in creation, manifesting an abundance of energy which then can be directed by the will towards manifestation or cleansing.

At this moment in time – when humanity is bombarded by the negative narrative of your current timeline and existence, when you are subject to misery and pain, suffering and fear it can be put to daily good use in not only clearing your personal fields of worry, fear, doubt and concern but also dissolving those negative thoughts that you might find yourself harbouring towards others. Whether these be those whom you share space with in your home or community or those “leaders” who guide your nation and your world.

Conjuring the power is simple …

  • Bring your awareness to your heart and focus your breathing there.
  • See – with your minds eye – the hearts core and centre as a doorway that leads to the spiritual energy within you.
  • With your intention open the door and with your breath liberate the power of spirit that lies within.
  • See this flow from you as a violet light, blooming and blossoming out into your subtle fields and aura.
  • As the light flows there – guided by your breath – its draws more of the same to it from your surroundings.
  • Now clearly with your intent direct the power – ask it to clear and cleanse, to dissolve and digest and recycle all negative energy, thoughts, feelings, doubts, fears, sadness and pain into light!
  • Ask that this be done NOT ONLY for that energy that you have become contaminated with but also for that energy that you yourself generate and form.
  • Breathe in and out and saturate yourself in this power, converting the darkness and claiming the light!
  • When you are done, when you are ready close the door in your heart, ground and centre and go about your day!

This simple visualisation can be used as many times as you might need throughout your day. By recycling the power of the darkness into light it serves not only to set you free but also further strengthen and empower you.

The power of the spiritual element is not to be underestimated, it is potent tool within your spiritual arsenal and something that belongs to all of mankind no matter your spiritual ascendancy! 

Use it then … wisely and well and ever and always in accordance with the will of the Divine!

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