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There is a Light – Channelling from the Spirit of the Merlin

The spiritual element has been known by many names throughout time – the Odic Force, the Akashic Light, the Arwen … It is the primary element from which all other elements emerged – born as crystallising manifestations of its constituent ingredients in your reality. It is a repository of memory found in the spiritual planes as the Akashic Library and…

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2020 – A Year of Miracles – a Coronavirus Covid19 post

On the 2nd of February of this year I gave a workshop in Northumberland called The Holy Spirit. It focused on the Cosmic Ascended Master Patron of this year – the Maha Chohan or Holy Spirit – the Cosmic Ascended Master of the 20th Ray – according to the Ascension Numerology System given to me by directly by the Ascended…

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