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2020 – A Year of Miracles – a Coronavirus Covid19 post

On the 2nd of February of this year I gave a workshop in Northumberland called The Holy Spirit.

It focused on the Cosmic Ascended Master Patron of this year – the Maha Chohan or Holy Spirit – the Cosmic Ascended Master of the 20th Ray – according to the Ascension Numerology System given to me by directly by the Ascended Masters. In this workshop I explained that 2020 was an unusual year – not one in which the year number was to be reduced to a 4 as we might expect BUT because of the double number one rather that should be kept as a 20 – marking the Cosmic Ascended Master Maha Chohan as its patron as he is the Cosmic Ascended Master who sits on the 20th ray. This year was called then A Year of Miracles – because the Maha Chohan – who is the Holy Spirit – is so fundamental in the manifestation of miracles on Earth!

During this workshop I brought forwards a channelling from the Maha Chohan which – with the wonderful help of my dear friend Sue Little who had an Audi recording of the channelling and transcribed it for me – I copy below in its unedited form. I have emboldened a few sentences that I think are particularly relevant at this moment in time! I hope you find it as enlightening and thought provoking in retrospect as I did and that you might use it to frame your journey forwards throughout the remainder of this lockdown and the year that is to come. As people are inclined now to say – the world will never be the same again, my world, your world, everyones world … and maybe that in itself is not a bad thing! 


“It is quite commonplace to walk along the spiritual path and believe that you understand and, in many ways you very probably will do but there will always be things that you have heard or learned that you did not fully comprehend. You might believe at the time that you did but you might also have swallowed the information whole but not fully, truly comprehended its meaning; choosing rather to focus on the next piece of information that made greater sense to you.

This year, for many of you, there will be ‘dawning light bulb’ moments, moments where your brain will begin to finally comprehend those spiritual truths that it has been exposed to, that it has never fully understood or comprehended up until this moment in time. ……. moments of dawning realisation about who you are or why you are, or where you are mean’t to be.

These moments though initially gentle may completely change the nature of your existence and the perception that you have regarding your life, you may begin to see yourself quite differently; your roll; your purpose; your presence and you may begin to shift your life accordingly in order to make more of the person who you know you truly are and mean’t to be.

Of course there are many people who this experience won’t occur for but those of you who are here today; those of you who are here now have come here because it is your time to experience an awakening of this sort. Do not try and force the realisation into being, come to it slowly and gently as you are mean’t to. Let the light begin to glow gently until eventually it is shining a brilliant pathway that reveals the truth for you, this is by far the best way and then the second challenge will be instigating those changes that you need to make in order to pursue that, that has been revealed to you, and here, some of you, will fail but even if you do believe that you cannot possibly entertain that, that is being asked of you now, worry not because Spirit will present you with this opportunity again.

Spirit will present this opportunity to you a “maximum of three times”; if on the third time you still believe you cannot take the opportunity then it may not be presented to you again until a future lifetime, so, bear this in mind. You may believe when you see the truth that you are not ready, that the time surely cannot be now; there are too many other things that are occurring that demand your energy or focus but, in this case, Spirit knows best.

The Divine can see all, where you are; who and what is around you; what lies ahead of you. The Divine knows, this is the best moment for you to take your destiny and move towards it and what you might consider to be challenges or distractions the Divine might know are, actually, opportunities and flavours that might shift or change the nature of the path that you take, steering you more towards the direction that you need to go in, rather than further away from it. Problems often occur on the spiritual path when the spiritual initiate believes that they know better and they seek to resist destiny for all the best reasons but ultimately choose not to trust the Divine over what they consider to be a greater understanding of their circumstance. If we are to truly be the spiritual people that we have come here to be then, then part of what we must do is trust in the Divine Plan.

One final thing then ……………….. this is the year of miracle, it is a year when we should be reaching out for miracles and anchoring and holding miracles in place. When we ask the Divine for a miracle we should hold the general topic of that, that we seek to be altered or changed by Divine intervention but not necessarily tell the Divine exactly how we think it should be done. The Divine knows best, it knows the pathways that will enable its magick to take; the course of least resistance, to use the economy of energy found in the natural world to achieve its goals. When you step forwards, present yourself as knowing more than the Divine does, demanding that the energy flow in this way or that way, then often you will either completely scupper and hinder the manifestation of miracle or exhaust the energy allocated for it before the miracle has truly taken root in matter. It is better then to, present to the Divine that, that you would have influenced
and the ideal outcome but leave the workings of the process up to the source of all.

Hamied is the archangel of miracles and he works now, in tandem, with Gabriel and the Maha Chohan in order to bring to earth those things that mankind needs in order to survive and ascend. Remember to then his name in conjunction with these others that you might call upon all of the appropriate sources in order to bring into manifestation that that you desire.

I leave then with you our love ……I bless you with our light, go forwards and trust in the Divine Plan and your part in it, know that you are blessed and in that knowing, bless others also.”

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