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The Importance of Colour – a coronavirus covid 19 post

Whether you believe in its power from a psychological perspective or a vibrational one colour has long been acknowledged to have a profound effect upon mankind!

Whether it be the colours that we see or wear – or even the colours that we eat – colour impacts upon us all in different ways, some colours making us feel warm and cosy and some leaving us cold and restless. It is – to a certain degree – of course a personal and subjective thing, although there is some evidence to suggest that as a collective we do have a group response – albeit unconsciously – to certain hues! 

In times such as these – unprecedented being the word of choice at the moment – colour can play a powerful and significant role in helping us to maintain our sanity and find a way through.

Green is a colour that many of us are fortunate to find in abundance around us – in grass and tree’s, in rolling landscapes and postage stamp gardens it is often the thing that we crave and need on a daily basis – whether we know it or not. We can loose ourself in the green and draw a strange peace and strength from it that calms the spirit and soothes the soul.

Psychologically it is a colour much used in the NHS waiting room and ward because of its harmonising effect upon the brain and the way that it aids recovery and healing!

Spiritually it is a colour that not only connects us to nature and its nurturing and regenerative powers but also a colour that helps us rediscover our own personal space – restoring to us our own thoughts and feelings that can all too easily become warped and twisted by the needs and expectations of others!

Long recommended then by colour healers for the sensitive – who is easily displaced by the will and want of others – it is perfect for those social distancing at this moment in time who find themselves in close quarters with those whose domestic nature is not necessarily conducive to their own! Perfect too for those who find themselves at the moment victim to the mass hysteria and negativity of the collective unconscious in finding their way back to their own more steadied and rational take on the pandemic at this moment in time.

Visualise yourself then in a bubble of grass green light and breathe the colour in – saturate yourself in its power and imbue your energy system with it. Allow the hue to swell around you, marking your psychic territory and returning to you “your personal space”. Breath inside the colour and feel again the freedom of being at one with the self.

Needless to say there are plenty of colours that might be of use to you throughout this trying time but lets start here with a bit of green and begin where we mean to go on from – in our own space, with our own thoughts and from our own good company!

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