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Back to Basics – A Coping with Covid 19 Post

I don’t usually post other peoples stuff – and let me assure you this won’t be a regular thing but rather a one off so PLEASE don’t inundate me with requests to share your musings! But Angela is a dear friend and trusted spiritual teacher and healer who practiced and taught from the College of Psychic Studies in London –…

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Magickal Protection from Carona Virus Covid 19

So … before we begin it is important to state that the below suggested magickal protection IN NO WAY acts as a guarantee to safe guard you from the virus. AND that we should – of course – still be taking all orthodox actions suggested by the government and the NHS to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe! However…

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The Power of Words …

The other day I was horrified to discover that a post I had placed – on a particular network rail train companies facebook page – had been trolled! The reply to my post – from some stranger who I had never encountered before on Facebook (and possibly judging by his profile page a fake account created by someone who wanted…

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We are led to think of limitations as a bad thing, restrictions that hinder and slow us down – however in some circumstances and situations this is far from the truth. Limitations can sometimes help us to focus our energies, to concentrate our intent and to move forwards in a more efficient and less scattered way. Sometimes in order to…

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The Seeing Eye

My first recollected experience of clairvoyance was when I was five years old, my Grandmother – who had been in Spirit for a couple of months – appeared before me at school – the by the rack of Lady Bird books – smiling. I told my teacher who was sympathetic but dismissive and I told my Mum who told me…

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Psychical development is something which often gets over looked in the spiritual community these days and yet it is an essential aspect of self that warrants investigation and development if one is to learn to sense beyond the physical dimension and feel into the subtle planes that interpenetrate our own. The psychical sense enables one to feel or see or…

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