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The Trials of the Sensitive – a coronavirus covid19 post

For the sensitive amongst us the “lockdown” may be proving challenging! not only do we have our own reactions to what is going on in the world to contend with but we also have other peoples reactions – that we are sensitive to – to contend with also! The thoughts and feelings of our family AND neighbours (if we live in close proximity to others) seeping into our mental and emotional bodies.

Apart from the obvious waves of anxiety, stress and fear this can also lead to a form of psychic exhaustion where our personal energy becomes burnt up in the process of trying to filter and compartmentalise all of these impressions. As well as this the energy system can become overwhelmed with the psychic sensory overload and start to go into shut down in order to protect itself – shielding us by introverting, the subtle fields collapsing and the chakras closing down.

The physical result of this is PROFOUND exhaustion and tiredness, a general sensation of heaviness and cloudiness – mentally, emotionally and psychically – and a malaise in regards to optimism and hope leading to depression.

In order to remedy this then we need to take three simple steps …

1 – clear your personal energy field, shower with intent or smudge with White sage or Lavender or wave yourself free with Selenite to clear the energy field of inherited psychic junk.

2 – protect yourself, call upon your guide or guardian angel, wear a protective talisman close to the heart – like a cross, pentacle or star of David or wear or carry a protective stone like amethyst, carnelian, tigers eye or obsidian.

3 – clear your space! Smudge it or essential oil it, use visualisation or call upon the archangels Zadkiel or Gabriel – whatever method works for you.

Protecting your space is never a bad idea – in my opinion – however because the source of the problem maybe inside the house – the family or friends or house mates you are social distancing with – this may not work against them (as they are inside the bubble) as it will against the neighbours either side and so you will have to rely upon personal protection in this regards and routinely clear your house space of the reoccurring negative energy that they produce!

Of course all this might sound exhausting – especially when you yourself are feeling exhausted HOWEVER you need to speculate to accumulate and the effort it might take to do these things will have a positive knock on effect of enabling you to feel personally more positive and empowered once you and your space is cleared and protected – mark my words!

Being sensitive can be a WONDERFUL thing but sometimes it is also an invisible enemy and in extraordinary situations like these it can literally pin us to the ground! Trying to tell a “muggle” that you are suffering from psychic sensitivity can be like talking to a highly sceptical brick wall, it can be demeaning and very distressing and so often is a conversation best left unsaid. 

Better then in my opinion to do everything in your power to redress the situation and cope with the circumstances through self mastery – rather by attempting to convince those around you that you are what you claim to be.

So – my lovely sensitives – stay well and stay safe and go easy on yourself – you may be coping with a lot more than you imagine and you may need to rest in order to restore your beleaguered energies – give yourself then permission to do what you need to do and be how you need to be in order to endure and survive and remember to call upon your guides and guardians for help when you need it. you are not alone and a simple mental distress call can proceed potentially tremendous help in the fight against your own sensitivity!

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