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“You create the reality in which you choose to live …” A Channelling from The Ascended Master St Germain

“As many of you know – as many of you have been taught – you create with the power of your thoughts the reality in which you choose to live!

The grosser, denser, physical world is informed and shaped by the finer, quantum reality to which you – as co creators with the Divine – are linked and aligned. Your thoughts, your fears, your hopes and beliefs shaping through expectation, projection and belief – your world.

This is called by some – “Quantum Seeding.”

Positive thinking then effects your world positively – positive expectation informing your reality as to what you expect and want of it, shaping and changing the nature of the world to accommodate your desire and belief.

Also – through the threefold law – you draw back to yourself the positive energy that you send out. in your expectations, your belief and your truth.

Naturally in this regards you are in competition with the expectations and wants and desires of everybody else – meaning that sometimes their free will, their views and beliefs and desire will put you and them in a space and state of direct opposition.

When this occurs it is ALWAYS the person with the greatest – most powerful, persistent and clear will – that succeeds in manifesting their view of reality. Whether this be positive or negative in nature – this is called the Law of Challenge. This is something that can be achieved individually – by those with disciplined and powerful hearts and minds or by the consensus – if their collective view point and opinion is greater in power than the singular person.

This is then why it is so important that not only do we maintain a positive attitude in regards to the envisioning of our reality and future BUT also that we encourage others to do so as well. When we don’t … when we spread negativity, fear and pessimism there being the possibility that we will focus the collective will on inadvertently manifesting this dark shadow of the possible future.

Here then there is somewhat of a paradox – what if we desire to share knowledge that we believe or have come into possession of which is pessimistic, dark or negative BUT which we believe others need to know so that they might be forwarded or better prepared with, so that they might change the situation? What do we do if we seek to “shine the light of truth” on the darkness that we believe is out there, insidious and shadowy??

Well of course this is important too HOWEVER we should endeavour to do it with a positive twist so that rather than focusing the collective will ONLY on the negative – leaving people feeling powerless and helpless against the world and its “dark deceivers” we are empowering them with something more positive that they can focus on or do. After all – what is the point of peddling negativity for negativities sake? Unless it is simply because – in some peoples cases – misery loves company!

So … in order to create a positive world, a positive future – the one which Spirit has outlined again and again on the spiritual path – you have two choices …

Focus only on the positive – the vision of the future that you want and desire and believe in with all your heart and mind. NOT because you are in denial of reality but rather because you are seeking to forge a new one, born out of the perfected template you envision in your mind. Seeing beyond the negative present into the more positive “potential” future.

Or …

Speak your truth, share what you believe you know, warn and inform and guide people BUT do so in such a way as to leave them with something they can do – something positive that will help them tip the balance, envision the new positive world and contribute to its creation rather than leaving their energy in the gloom and dark.

As co creators with the Divine and “Masters in the making” it is your responsibility now to recognise your power and take responsibility for your actions and your views. The power to shape and change your reality is YOURS and only YOURS now more than ever and it is time now to recognise this and move your energy forwards in this direction – towards hope – towards light – towards truth and the dawning of a new positive age of transformation, liberation, change and wonder!

Remember – you create the reality in which you choose to live … so … choose wisely and choose well!”

St Germain


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