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“You create the reality in which you choose to live …” A Channelling from The Ascended Master St Germain

“As many of you know – as many of you have been taught – you create with the power of your thoughts the reality in which you choose to live! The grosser, denser, physical world is informed and shaped by the finer, quantum reality to which you – as co creators with the Divine – are linked and aligned. Your…

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The Blame Game – a Coronavirus Covid 19 post

It’s common place in times of crisis and disaster to want to point the finger and blame someone for the calamity at hand. It’s normal … it’s usual … it’s expected often and it’s human but whether or not it actually helps anyone is anyones guess. Of late my Facebook feed has been full of people pointing the finger –…

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EVERYONE seems to be more than happy to lie about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING these days! From politicians blatantly lying about their policies and their party’s own history to celebrities lying about their private life and talents to spiritual teachers – lets say – making “bold claims” about their powers, spiritual work and how many copies of their books they’ve sold…

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