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It’s the Little Things …

A couple of days ago I was moping about the kitchen feeling a little blue … Andrew (the other half) asked me what was wrong and I mentioned that I was missing the little things in life – like having a cup of coffee in a coffee shop. I missed latte’s and caperchino’s and steamed milk … the little things.

A few days later Andrew shouted up from downstairs – did I want a coffee and I said – yes! A few moments later a large mug of coffee was delivered – steamed almond milk with a dusting of cocoa powder in the shape of Metatrons Cube!

My delight was OFF THE SCALE!

It wasn’t of course the coffee itself but rather the act of thoughtful kindness – the little thing of having heard my – somewhat petulant need and meeting it – as best as it could be met in the present circumstances of our lockdown and this got me to thinking … 

Small things have power when done with the intent of love and kindness – tiny gestures of love and care – done without the hope or want of reward – done simply to inspire a smile, a laugh, the lightening of a mood. Often far more powerful than grand gestures – announced with a flourish and fanfare, done to ingratiate or affirm the virtue of the author of the good deed themselves.

And now – more than ever – such small random acts are needed to help those struggling, those having a bad day get through the gloom and seemingly endless mire. A ray of sunshine breaking through grey clouds, lifting spirits and inspiring hope.

Now as much as we might strive then to do this for those around us in need we can too do this for ourselves – gifting ourself a little something here and there – not necessarily a material thing – in order to ease our day. Gifting ourself a half hour off of work to read our book, an extra couple of chocolate biscuits at elevenses, a lay in bed for half an hour when we feel the need.

Small things – inconsequential and insubstantial to affirm to ourselves that we’ve done well, worked hard, coped, endured – that we are winning, surviving, seeing it through and therefore deserving of a little comfort and a little love.

Such actions are powerful – self love – self appreciation and they can transform our day, our mood and elevate it beyond yet more suffering and pain.

So … be kind … be loving … offer your time, your grace, your love and care … to family and friends, to lovers and acquaintances and to strangers. And most importantly to yourselves … for these are difficult times and very little act of kindness can help to keep the spirit alive and well, enduring as it journeys now towards the end of these strange struggles.

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