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Stones of Transformation

These are challenging times – the world is in chaos and in some circumstances and situations there is very little we can do about it! Changes are being forced upon us – by government – by circumstance and all we can do is adapt but this is easier said and done.

If only there were something that could help us ease the passage of change forced upon us …

Well … there’s a crystal for that!

Two in fact – Labradorite and Moldavite!!

Labradorite – which is sometimes known by its old name Merlin’s Stone – is a wonderful, beautiful, powerful, magical (and maybe most importantly affordable) crystal which can help both protect us – extract a little of our own inner magic AND most importantly ease change and transformation that we are experiencing in our lives.

It’s shifting flickering changes of colour – from gold to purple to blue depending upon the stone – helps to remind us of the ever changing nature of life whilst lubricating spiritually the passages that we take through it. Simultaneously surrounding us in a field of light and power that helps to shield us from negative energy it also draws to the fore our own magical manifestation powers so that we can indeed change – at least some of those things – set before us.

Here is a beautiful example from the ever wonderful Annie Wilkinson Gill of the Crystal Buddha –

As well as this Moldavite – the King of the tektite crystals in my opinion – sometimes called “the star born stone of transformation” can help by grounding and anchoring the light, energy and consciousness of ones own soul! This beautiful gemmy deep green translucent stone – which some say is more organic than mineral and may have been the stone the Holy Grail was carved from – helps to ease our changes and transformations by stabilising the spirit with the support, love and wisdom of the Higher Self the soul.

Excellent for the exhausted, depressed and suicidal this stone should never – in my opinion – be gotten wet or slept in BUT can be an incredible boon to the spiritual traveller and channel alike encouraging deep changes for the greater good of all. The beauty below is one of Lui Krieg’s creations from the ever wondrous Stone Age in Glastonbury.

Of course there are others … crystals that can help to guide through the dark times into the light but these two have always served me so well they would be the first that I would turn to when in need. You may already have some – stashed in your draw or languishing on your alter – dig them out, dust them off and put them to use.

The time is now for us to utilise everything in our arsenal to help us as we move on and there’s no where better to start than the mineral kingdom!

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