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SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGIES – Mudra Crystals – A Review

Any one who knows me is well aware of my difficulty with meditation! Not that I can’t meditate – because I can – and not that my meditations don’t get results – because they do! However if I endeavour to meditate any longer than 20 minutes – from top to bottom – I am asleep and snoring on the floor,…

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Judge not, that ye be not judged …

Recently I have been asked whether or not I will be talking the Covid 19 Vaccine by both friends and clients. My answer is simple – YES – I will. This isn’t because “Spirit has told me to” – because to be honest I haven’t asked them! It’s not because of “insider information” that I have been given in a…

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Heaven and Earth Tarot

It would be fair to say that I am a lover (and collector) of Tarot – having possibly as many as 300 decks in the house! I stopped counting as the guilt was becoming too much to bare! It would also be fair to say that my Tarot tastes are traditional – I shy away from the more avant guard…

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There is – in my opinion – no greater stone than Tanzanite for the serious channel! Despite the INCREDIBLE cost of gem quality pieces – an investment for those like myself who channel full time – it is worth its weight in gold for the benefits that it can give. Lower grade pieces – less brilliant in colour, more opaque…

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Self Promotion!

Throughout my 29 years working as a self employed Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant Channel I have had to learn how to self promote! In the beginning I found it excruciatingly difficult and relied upon others to do the heavy lifting for me – heaven knows where I would have been without Carole Humber, Elfi Courtenay, Sue Little, Anne Noon, Steve…

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A long time ago now I met a man who – like me – was psychic. He had an “ordinary job” and was a religious man and balanced both with his talents and abilities to see and know things that others could not. He saw the same things that I saw as and when I saw them – which is…

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