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Judge not, that ye be not judged …

Recently I have been asked whether or not I will be talking the Covid 19 Vaccine by both friends and clients.

My answer is simple – YES – I will.

This isn’t because “Spirit has told me to” – because to be honest I haven’t asked them! It’s not because of “insider information” that I have been given in a channelling or as a result of a vision in meditation or in dreams. It’s because – FOR ME – it feels like the right decision to make when I balance it between my head and my heart.

Why haven’t I asked Spirit? Well – I don’t see it as being their decision to make! It’s MY decision about MY life and it requires me to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MYSELF and choose in accordance with what I both FEEL and UNDERSTAND.

That is after all what spiritual evolution is all about – TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONES OWN ACTIONS and not relying upon spirit for guidance in regards to every choice one makes or every step one takes upon the road! I have listened to the arguments for and against and I have listened with both my head and heart – my “spider sense” has not tingled (thats a comic book reference meaning my intuition has not given me any bad vibes) and I have seen no “bad omen” alerting me to danger. So – in accordance with what I feel and understand to be so – I await my call up to be jabbed with baited breath and excitement! GIVE ME THE VACINE … I’M READY TO GO!

But this blog post is not about me and my decision – I don’t state it in order to sway you – dear reader – one way or another. What you do is YOUR CHOICE and it has to be right for you – in regards to what you feel and know. I wouldn’t dream of taking away your free will by telling you what to do – in the same way that neither the Masters nor the Angels would – for to do so would be tantamount to Black Magic (the definition of which is an act that works directly against the free will of another). 

No – this blog is about JUDGEMENT!

For you see there is A LOT of judgment going around at the moment – from both sides of the fence it has to be said – regarding taking the vaccine! I have seen supposed “spiritual people” posting the most incredibly offensive, rude, incendiary and damm right terrifying stuff – calling those who believe that Covid 19 exists and who are choosing to take the vaccine clueless, chumps, sheep, sleepers and fools as well as insinuating very directly that they have signed their own death warrants!

I have also seen those who choose to take the vaccine calling those who don’t Covid deniers, Antivaxers, conspiracy theorists, nutters, the mentally ill and ignorant fools – when quite clearly (as I know some of these people very well) they are not!

In Matthew 7 Jesus says …

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

There is then a lesson here for all of us … we should not be judging others now but rather tending to our own world and our own decisions. For we will be judged now by the way in which we judge and treat those around us – we will be measured by the actions that we take and the things we post, write and say. And those measurements in some cases will be irreversible! Who then are we to presume that our judgement is right in comparison to another? Who are we to say – with all certainty – that we are right and they are wrong? We can’t make choices for another person … we can’t begin to know what drives their choices, what is right for them, what they know and we do not.

We can only do these things for ourself!

Sharing our opinions, our views, discussing our actions and the reasons why we take them is valid – ABSOLUTELY – it is how we learn and grow and how we learn to value another BUT this cannot be done with insults – it cannot be done with condemnation and it cannot be done with judgement. That is not the way to illuminate or educate – living a life of example is! Sharing ones views with love and grace and tolerance is! Endeavouring to explain ones perspective that others might see and consider it clearly without feeling peer pressured is! These are the ways to go!!

So I IMPLORE you now … don’t endanger relationships, friendships, family connections through irritated condemnation of anothers actions, choices or views. Share with them your feelings of concern but ultimately DO NOT JUDGE and if they choose a different path to yours RESPECT it … it is the spiritual thing to do!

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