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The Trinity Tarot – A Tarot Review …

Anyone who knows me knows that I am what might be called a Tarot Deck collector!

I have over 300 decks in my collection to date – which I know by some peoples standards is tiny but for me is more than enough (not that it will stop me from buying more).

Needless to say I have my favourites and needless to say – being a fussy sod – they are few and far between – imagine my delight then when I encounter a brand new – hot off the presses deck – that I not only like but REALLY BLOODY LOVE!!

The Trinity Tarot by Matt Wisner is that deck – shop link below!

This deck is a mighty little pocket rocket of a deck – tiny at 76x76mm (yes its square) which is perfect for popping in your bag or coat pocket in order to access the Tarot’s timeless wisdom on the go and the illustrations are such a breath of fresh air.

Here the deck has been paired back in symbolism and colour – reduced and distilled by the artist alchemical brain into sublime images that capture the heart of the Tarot in a fresh, innovative and modern way that nods respectfully to the classical Tarot deck. 


These beautiful sharp lines on their borderless white background creates a kind of open vista for the eye – allowing you to breathe out and allow the gaze to expand. The clever – slightly muted  – use of colour accents the images without them becoming too much of an eye grab, rather encouraging a gentle under line of important aspects of the images. Whilst the inclusion of the odd modern form and image brings the cards bang up to date – providing them with a balanced pertinence that makes them easy to read in the here and now.

Lined up together on the table they form and exquisite mosaic of tiles each one neatly leading to the other – like prompt cards encouraging the reader to effortlessly flow from one to the other telling the tale of the Tarot world and the fortune of those who come a looking.

Add to this the fact that they are RIDICULOUSLY  cheap in price – a mere £23 with free shipping in the UK and you have an affordable gem on your hands and – no doubt – a future classic.

The artist I know is fast approaching his second printing – testament to the popularity of the deck – whilst also working on a kickstarter campaign for his next deck which also looks like a winner – sneak peek and kickstarter link below …

For anyone then who is a lover of the Tarot – clean lines, inventiveness and genius – check out the deck and the new and upcoming one as well as giving Matt’s instagram a like – this artist is one to watch and I personally am SUPER excited to see what he’ll be magically manifesting in the future!

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