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This is the last of my posts for May on crystals – next month I will start with a brand new topic for the month but undoubtedly return to crystals later on in the year. I want to end my little run on the wonderful world of Calcite then by talking about a very new form of Calcite … new to me and new to the world!

Caribbean Calcite – or Caribbean Blue Calcite as it is sometimes known – is a new combination mineral which was recently found in 2019 in Pakistan. It’s a combination of a very light ocean Blue Calcite and light brown and white Aragonite. It also often has the most beautiful crevices within its structure and gets its name because it is said to looks like the Caribbean sea and beach!

As we know Calcite is a channelling stone that enables us to open and receive specific energies and frequencies. Blue Calcite is predisposed to healing energies and the energies of harmony and peace and therefore can be used for channelling these forces for others, the self or the land – effecting healing through the restoration of balance and harmony and through the power of de-stressing.

Because of this also it is a perfect meditation stone – particularly for those seeking to meditate in order to reduce their stress levels and relax and has a wonderful calming and soothing effect upon the over worked and over stimulated brain.

The brown of the Arogonite provides a grounding energy that anchors the healing frequency deep into the tissues and muscles of the body enabling the physical form to benefit from the healing energies in a very real way. Helping the form to release anxiety and stress as well as toxic and negative energy, whilst the white lifts and raises the energy frequency opening it to new clear and pure power.

Aragonite is also a mineral that has a traditional use as a channelling stone for those seeking to connect to Star Being energy (extraterrestrials) and so in combination with the Blue Calcite can be used to access, channel, anchor and download Star Being healing force! This energy is EXTRAORDINARILY powerful and as well as being used for general healing of mind, body, heart and spirit can also be used to heal trauma caused by negative extraterrestrial interference (in this lifetime and in past lives)! As well as this Aragonite has been known to help with aiding the awakenment of the spiritual DNA (that which we have partly inherited from our Star Being ancestors) and helping those whose Souls began their journeys off world – those who incarnated first on other world and dimensions and in other times – helping them to find greater happiness and health here now and in their present bodies!

One can’t help wondering then if this stone hasn’t been “discovered” now because now is when it is needed most. Not only because of the recent challenges, stresses and tensions that we have all been under but also because of humanities current awakening and also mankind need for those who are of “other origins” to help with their unique powers, perceptions and abilities. Something that can only be done when their Spirits are at ease!

Either way this is a most remarkable stone and one which I feel will be an invaluable addition to the crystal healer and crystal lovers tool kit!

To obtain a piece of Caribbean Calcite go to the website of the Crystal Buddha – here’s the link to the Calcite page – a truly wonderful crystal retailer where these lovely images came from courtesy of the shops owner Annie Wilkinson Gill. Annie’s shop sources crystal ONLY from ethical suppliers and is – in my opinion – one of the most reasonably priced crystal retailers around. Annie is a dream to order from and can’t do enough to assist and is a lovely soul to boot. Annie and her shop can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. Needless to say Caribbean Calcite (and all Calcites come to that) can also be found from other crystal retailers in the UK and beyond. Also it goes without saying that any attempts to use Caribbean Calcite for healing should only be done as a support for othordox and traditional medical practices.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little run on the wonders of the crystal Calcite, hopefully it will make you dig out the ones you have and see this humble stone in a new light. My eternal gratitude goes to the mighty Edgar Cayce – the sleeping prophet – whose work so influenced my life and whose writing first alerted me to this marvellous stone.

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