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All psychical and mediumistic experiences begin with the spiritual information entering the brain – through the psychical and mediumistic receptors – the chakras. 

This energy and information is first processed in the right hemispheres of the brain and then passed via the corpus callosum (a connective pathway in the brain made up of 200 million nerve fibres) to the left hemisphere where it is turned into comprehension and communication – such as speech or the written word. 

If you are receiving this information clairvoyantly then it will arrive as images that will either need to be interpreted – if you are seeing symbolically – or directly conveyed if you are seeing literally. 

It is important to mention that it is a scientific fact that the left and right hemispheres in the brains of women are far more efficiently connected that those in the brains of straight men! 

Interestingly the right and left hemispheres in the brains of homosexual men reflect more the connection in the brains of women! This then is the reason I believe that …

1, there are more women psychics and mediums than there are men and …

2, that of the male psychics and mediums out there the majority of them (in my experience) are gay! 

I have of course met straight male psychics and mediums but they have been far and few between.

Now please don’t mistake me here – I am not saying that straight men can’t be psychics or mediums – absolutely not – just that for them it will be harder and they will probably have to work more to reach the same heights that women and gay male psychics and mediums do!

The fact that ALL psychical and mediumistic information arrives in the body in this way supports the importance of working on strengthening both the pathway between the hemispheres of the brain and the balance of energy in the two. 

There are many ways of strengthening the pathways between the left and right hemispheres and balancing the energy in the brains such as learning how to juggle with three balls (excellent for strengthening hemisphere brain connection) to weaving, knitting, sowing – anything that uses both hands to achieve a task.

More brain connectivity exercises and brain balancing techniques can also be found online with a simple Google search but here is a simple meditation that we can practice to both help achieve this – through the visualisation of the lemniscate – whilst also charging the Brow Chakra with the breath.

  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes.
  1. Take a moment to make sure there is no tension or stress in your body paying particular attention to your shoulders and neck.
  1. Breathe a little deeper and bring your attention to your Brow Chakra, imagining that you are feeding it with energy and light with every breath that you take – seeing it expand and open like a brilliant violet/purple flower or star.
  1. Now I want you to imagine a lemniscate – a figure eight on its side – sometimes called and infinity loop and I want you to visualise drawing it from one side of your head to the other – level with your Brow Chakra.
  1. Seeing the lemniscate looping from the left  … to the right … and the right … to the left … from the left … to the right … and the right … to the left …
  1. And I want you to continue focusing on this for a few moments as you breathe in and out … in and out …
  1. PAUSE
  1. Now take a few deep breathes …
  1. Relax … Breathe in and out and take a moment to ground by breathing energy down through your legs and feet deep and wide into the Earth beneath you.
  1. Centre yourself by breathing a little energy into your sacral or solar plexus centre and protect yourself in your usual way.
  1. Open your eyes and take a moment to scribble down anything that you saw making sure to note on what side or what area of the screen the images appeared.

As yet – as far as I am aware – no research has been done concerning the connectivity of the Non Binary brain or the Transgender brain or the Asexual or LesbianI am sure in time this will be done and would not be surprised if it were discovered that these brains too are similarly connected – if not more so.

Some might say that this is reason enough to believe that those of the Rainbow Brotherhood and Sisterhood are here to lead the way in the creation of a new world born from unity brain thinking and being. A world guided and inspired by spirit – a world that values creativity as much as it does science and peace over dominance and control. 

Although I might not quite go this far – as to see the LGBTQ+ as the savers of the world I definitely think that they have a VERY important role to play in the transformation and ascension of the planet. Exactly what that might be – waits to be discovered!

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