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TRANSGENDER – A Spiritual Perspective

It has always been my understanding – because of conversations I have had with the Masters – that the human Soul can be one of three things – positively charged (masculine in nature), negatively charged (feminine in nature) or of a balanced charge (androgynous in nature). When a masculine/positively charged Soul incarnates into a male body – there is harmony…

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Yesterday was Valentines Day – a day that celebrates love – new love, just beginning and old love fully formed and mature. In our modern day it has also become a day for the “self partnered” (I love that phrase) to focus on loving themselves! On celebrating all the wonderful things about being single, all the wonderful things that they…

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World Events

National Coming Out Day … kind of

Friday was National Coming Out Day! Not that I knew anything about it – being as usual rather late to the party! Still it made me think about my journey as a gay man and the day I came out to my family and friends. In my opinion – like all homosexuals – I was born gay. Something which current…

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Sex and Gender

In a hundred years time …

Downton Abbey - the kiss

On the Tuesday of our holidays we went to see Downton Abbey – the movie! I know … cliche, cliche BUT we are homosexuals after all! There is a character in the film called Mr Barrow – who is also a homosexual – and who at the conclusion of the movie encounters his first “gay night club” – a rare…

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