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SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGIES – Mudra Crystals – A Review

Any one who knows me is well aware of my difficulty with meditation! Not that I can’t meditate – because I can – and not that my meditations don’t get results – because they do! However if I endeavour to meditate any longer than 20 minutes – from top to bottom – I am asleep and snoring on the floor, no matter what technique I employ!

Imagine my DELIGHT then when I encountered a new piece of crystal spiritual technology that might lend a hand to that particular problem!! 

Mudra Crystals – from Stone Age (a wonderful crystal shop in Glastonbury) – consist of a pair of small – but beautifully formed – double terminated crystals that can be held between the fingers and the thumb during meditation and come in a wondrous variety of different flavours! And by flavours I mean forms and variations!


The standard set – pictured here are precision cut pieces available in Quartz but they also come in a variety of different minerals from Amethyst to Onyx and Rose Quartz to Green Chalcedony and Labradorite. Each different mineral undoubtedly altering the meditational experience and catering to different needs. Amethyst for protection, clairvoyance and channelling, Rose Quartz for healing the heart and developing empathy and unconditional love and Green Chalcedony for restoring ones sense of self, healing the physical body and strengthening ones link to nature. Whilst Labradoite – sometimes called Merlins Stone – is the crystal of protection, magic and transformation (in my opinion).

I road tested the Clear Quartz and had AMAZING results! Though a little difficult to position at first – the points are very sharp – after a little practice I managed to hold them lightly between my fingers so that the fatty tips wedged the crystals in comfortably and securely. The crystals served as an additional circuit to my energy system – I found – magnifying and amplifying my vital life force as it flowed through them. I felt suddenly energised and focused, aligned and very connected to my energy body and had a wonderfully clear view of my aura and subtle forms, chakras and meridians – which was excellent for running a self diagnostic! I also managed to peer into areas of my energy body I had never seen before – such as  my electromagnetic field which was truly fascinating and has unlocked a whole new area of investigation for me! I also found my meditation lasted longer with greater focus and clarity.

If you are interested you can get them directly from here …

After such an exciting experience I was eager to try out more!

The next set I tentatively tried was a Vogal set of the Mudra Crystals – I’ve always been a little fearful of Vogals as they are SO powerful – but was pleasantly surprised to discover that the effect – though intense – wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle. Once again the stones acted as an additional circuit to my energy body this time strengthening my central energy channel – the shushumna – and the chakras that reside on it. I felt my frequency soar up into the realm of the transpersonal chakras and into the I Am Presence – the core and nucleus of the Soul – that part of us which is eternal and divine! The energy poured through me and I felt my energy body repairing and aligning in conjunction with the Souls wishes and once again sustained my meditation for much longer than usual!

These crystals would be PERFECT for those seeking alignment with higher forces, the Soul, the Masters, the Higher Archangels and the Divine as well as those looking to introduce some high quality powerful energy into their system for repair or upgrade. Or indeed those who work continuously on such high vibrational levels who need a little help to sustain the frequency. These crystals too at the moment aren’t available but will be coming online soon

With practice I am sure even the most skinny fingered meditator will be able to find a way to hold the stones without causing pain – even if it requires you adding a little blutak to the points to soften their sharpness. PLUS experimenting with using different fingers will bring different results – as the fingers are connected to different planetary energies (palmistry) and different elemental forces (Yogic practice). Opening up a whole new world of exciting experimentation and experience. 

I cannot then recommend these wonderful little gems enough and truly feel they would be an incredible addition to anyones crystal collection and a massively beneficial tool to ones spiritual practice and development. I would encourage you to of course buy the ones best suited to your personal practice (unless you are a greedy guts like me and want them all) or at least grab yourself a set of those ones which you feel you might use the most. Though not earth shatteringly expensive – the standard set are just £22 – the  Vogels are of course more pricey but in my opinion well worth the investment. Combining the power of high quality crystals with precision cut sacred geometry in the most elegant and practical of ways!

They are a 10 out of 10 from me and I hope they will bring you as much joy, spiritual power and revelation as they have myself should you choose to indulge! Right … thats me off to meditate – and no falling asleep on the carpet any more WHOOPIE!

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