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RISING FROM THE DEEP … symptoms of lockdown fatigue!

This last couple of weeks have been tough – maybe because we now have our “road map” out of lockdown outlined – and that last leg of the race when the finishing line is in sight is always the hardest. Or maybe because this lockdown has just been the one thats broken the camels back!

Either way Andrew and I – and many others who I’ve spoken to – have been EXHAUSTED! Struggling with lethargy and apathy, sleeping well during the night (and during the day) but waking up more tired than we were before with little to no enthusiasm for anything. Our get up and go definitely having got up and gone!

On top of this I’ve noticed another – interesting – symptom … ANGER!

Thoughts and feelings connected to people and places – long since I thought resolved and laid to rest – rising from the deep with incredibly intensity! Rage and irritation, incandescence and bile, sadness and pain and deep feelings of betrayal and being let down emerging in waves as I stomp and strut and mutter up and down the countries lanes doing my daily constitutional! 

This is because – Spirit say – we usually unconsciously deploy residual energy in suppressing these “irritations” holding them down deep in the unconscious and subconscious mind – out of sight and out of mind. BUT as many of us are now SO exhausted from the fatigue of lockdown the energy we usually deploy is wanting and as such these dark niggling unresolved emotions and thoughts are rising to the surface of our being like limpet mines!

In many ways this is actually a good thing – these things need to be dealt with and now is our opportunity to do so – to express them, to free them, to transform them and clear them – once and for all. However as we are lacking energy we may find ourselves paralysed by such dark forces, unable to do anything other than let them pass through us or sink back down to the bottom of our internal mire.

Now then we must call upon the Angels to help us – Zadkiel – Archangel of mercy and forgiveness, THE Archangel of the Violet Flame (flame of spiritual alchemy and change) can help us by holding these negative energies in his light and transforming them into understanding, peace, love, liberation and light!

As and when then you feel these forces stirring call upon the Angel – whether it be when you are out and about, laid in bed or mooching about the house.  Light a candle if you can and call upon him thus …

Archangel of the Violet Flame

Zadkiel – Angel of Jupiter

Of mercy and forgiveness

Clear and transform this anger, fear, sadness and pain

That I might be liberated and cleared

In accordance with the will of the Divine

And the will of my Higher Self

So mote it be – Amen!

Rest in the Angels care – let his fire and his flame bathe and burn through and around you and when it is done give thanks and praise for his intervention! Remember this may need to be done several times before it is resolved and too that in order for you to benefit from the Angels aid you must given them permission to intervene through prayer or invocation!

Lets make the most of the opportunity that this present moment brings us and help ourselves be finally free of these dark inheritances. Providing ourselves with new space in which new energy might flourish and hope and love be restored. 

Now is the time and we are all worthy – claim the moment and set yourself FREE!

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