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There is – in my opinion – no greater stone than Tanzanite for the serious channel!

Despite the INCREDIBLE cost of gem quality pieces – an investment for those like myself who channel full time – it is worth its weight in gold for the benefits that it can give.

Lower grade pieces – less brilliant in colour, more opaque and often found as tumble stones still do the trick to a lesser degree and are probably the better option for those just starting out on their channelling journey. Those still undecided as to whether or not such practice might become a full time activity, calling or means of employ.

Tanzanite carries within it both the Violet Flame energy of the Archangel Zadkiel and the power of the Electric Blue Flame of the Archangel Michael. This combined together pulls into the stone a third angelic currant – that of the Archangel Tzaphkiel – another angel of the violet flame – who represents the power of the Love of the Divine.

The stone then consistently and constantly cleanses the energy of the channel, raises their frequency (their vibration), offers them protection and opens their heart – surrounding them in such a space of comfort and refuge that they feel safe and nurtured enough to open fully to receive the power and light of the presence that seeks to communicate through them.

As a result of this the channel is less likely to burn out or be contaminated by lower forces and more inclined to have the power to reach higher. Accessing higher spiritual presences and vaster consciousness more fully and channel not only their wisdom but also their power, presence and grace through the entirety of the channels energy system! 

Needless to say a little goes a long way and the stone – happy to work with other high frequency crystals – can be paired either directly or indirectly with other stones to augment or boost further its power.

I have found this crystal to be SO supportive on my journey – helping me move towards becoming the best channel that I can be. I heartily recommend it for anyone seriously contemplating this work on a full time level as a huge aid in keeping them safe and well from the rigours and demands of the work whilst also helping them to move ever towards to their full potential. 

Pendant in the picture from Stonage in Glastonbury – weblink below


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