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NEGATIVE EXPECTATION – a St Germain channelling

I have always been an advocate for discernment – it is after all part of mankinds “divine power” – the ability to discern truth by holding that which they see or hear or read against the flame of truth that burns within their core and being – that part of them which is truth – that part of them that is Divine.

I have also always supported people being sceptical – which may come as a surprise to some! Scepticism can you see be a very healthy thing as it causes us to question that which we are presented with – not to take anything on face value – which can be very dangerous, particularly when that which we are presented with comes from the mouth of a “guru”.

However what I am not a fan of is negative expectation – a doom laden state of consciousness that can easily become habitual and sees mankind viewing everything with suspicion and negativity. This particular state of consciousness is the bed fellow of the conspiracy theorist who gazes with fear and doubt at everything they are presented with, which comes from either those that they consider to be “the authority” or those they consider to be the puppets of the “authority” such as the press – media – or scientists!

Now although I am not a fan of ALL media outlets I would certainly not make the mistake of tarring them all with the same brush AND although I am also not a fan of those scientists whose minds are closed to the infinite possibilities of the – spiritual – universe I am in fact a great supporter of many branches of the field. After all science has a lot more in common with spirituality than it has differences (regardless of what scientists might say). PLUS the fact that in the past I myself have been a scientist in some of my incarnations – as have many of the Masters – and by this I don’t only mean the pursuits of Alchemy – which most current scientists might dispute any way. 

Needless to say I am not a fan of most governments and politicians – knowing what I know  – with the odd exception of course and so fully understand why some might be suspicious of these. Still negative expectation is an unhealthy state of mind to hold.

Negative expectation you see – a rather gloomy mindset that sees potential danger and conspiracy in everything – has of course a powerful negative impact upon the reality of those who hold it. Their personal quantum universe bending to their desire to be proved right by providing them with false evidence which they use to reinforce their negative narrative. 

Resulting ultimately in the rather bleak manifestation of a dire reality in which the powerless remain powerless and nothing good ever happens but rather reality continues to spiral in ever darker cycles of manipulation – the only comfort from which the individual draws being that they were right – in their eyes!

It would then be better to remain more open to positive expectation, positive possibility – still listening to discernment and intuition so that one might be guided away from falsity and towards truth BUT in such a way that the individual is not creating the problems they fear but rather only ever bearing witness to them AS AND WHEN AND IF they exist.

This then is in part of the path of the Master – to master the self – ones own thoughts, listening, learning, observing but holding ultimately an ideal of what ones wants their reality to be so that their imprint upon the quantum universe is only ever for the greater good of all and in accordance with Divine Will. Now more than ever this is IMPORTANT! For as mankind moves forwards they MUST be open to the blessings that are made manifest through humanity if they are to endure and survive. They must not see science as the enemy but rather something which will in time grow to recognise its kinship with the spiritual world more and more.

Most importantly of all they must try and believe in the good – in positive outcomes – in good fortune and good luck and in the ingenuity and divine inventiveness of man – and woman! For the Divine resides within all and through all manifestation and creation in accordance with the Divine will come to be – helping the world endure and survive as is the Divines will. Try then – beloved ones – to trust a little more and doubt a little less!

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