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NEGATIVE EXPECTATION – a St Germain channelling

I have always been an advocate for discernment – it is after all part of mankinds “divine power” – the ability to discern truth by holding that which they see or hear or read against the flame of truth that burns within their core and being – that part of them which is truth – that part of them that…

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Unless you are fortunate enough to be living in a cave some where – free from people, radio, TV and the internet – you are probably struggling with stress on one level or another. Either because of political, environmental, familial (as we are approaching Christmas) or financial concerns! Stress is an insidious killer that filters and permeates into our thoughts…

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When in doubt … pray

These are such trying times – whether you find yourself concerned about the environment, Brexit, Mr Trump or Mr Johnson, Russia, racism, homophobia, transphobia, cancer, obesity, dementia or the weather … These are trying times. Many people now feel overwhelmed with the goings on of the world, weighed down, powerless and very, very afraid (myself included). And despite those seemingly…

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