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So … the Coronavirus is here – in the UK and it’s very probably going to get worse – ie spread and very possibly claim a life or two – before it gets better! so what is the best way to “deal with it” mentally and spiritually speaking and what – if anything – can we do to ward ourself against it?

Firstly – I am no doctor and so my observations are spiritual and commonsensical only and secondly – I am not going to go into the various conspiracy theories already doing the rounds concerning it! That is not “my bag” so I will leave all that to the rest of you who feel so inclined – my concern is largely to do with the mental health implications and the psychic/energetic ones!

Mentally then I think this is worrying! I am a worrier and – depending whether you catch me on a good day or a bad day – can be more than a bit of a hypochondriac and I’m sure some of you are too! I am the first to click on the NHS website when I have a mysterious ache or pain, the first in our household to be suspecting that they have cancer when all they have is a boil so the Coronavirus is very appealing to my innate sense of panic!

So this is where we need to start – by calming the F down and taking a breath! The papers and news broadcasts – or at least the more irresponsible ones – might want us to. think that we are about to be beset by a 21st century plague but that just isn’t true! If you listen closely you will hear that although the figures sound alarming the outbreak is still at the moment small scale and that those who have passed with – Goddess bless them – have largely been old, inform or suffering from pre-existing conditions! So we needn’t start dusting off the coffin just yet or stocking up on red paint for the door!

What we need to do is keep thinking rationally, seeking out trustworthy sources of news – or not listening at all – and using the techniques at our disposal to clear ourselves of worry and fear so that we aren’t contributing to the manifestation of anything in our country or in ourselves. so whether you be a Violet Flamer, a happy tapper (EFT), a NLP practitioner or an affirmer (or anything else I’ve forgotten to list) set to it as and when fears arise and set yourself free!

Secondly take this as an opportunity to work on improving your general health – as the healthy are less at risk from the virus – should it be contracted – taking its toll! See this as a wake up call from the Universe – loose a little weight, start eating healthier, take a little exercise and take some vitamins and immune boosters – there are plenty of them and they are easy and relatively cheap to purchase. If nothing else you’ll get through the outbreak, slimmer, healthier, with more energy and less of an inclination to catch a cold!

Thirdly and I think very importantly get calling on the Violet Flame – not just for the transmutation of negative thought but because its an excellent way to transmute first line infections – no matter what they might be! The Violet Flame is the energetic cousin of Ultra Violet light – light used to help aid hospitals’ fight to wipe out drug-resistant superbugs, to aid hospitals in the ongoing battle to keep drug-resistant bacteria from lingering in patient rooms and causing new infections! When we call upon the spiritual version – the Violet Flame – strongly enough we can help to manifest these bug killing qualities in the physical world.


I am as you know a BIG believer in orthodox medical treatment sitting side by side with alternative complementary therapies BUT I also believe in magic and miracle and at the end of the day visualising a violet bubble of light around yourself certainly can’t do any harm.

Here then is an invocation that I use often that you can use too whilst visualising the violet light around you …

I call upon the Violet Flame

Flame of the 7th Ray

Flame of Alchemy and Change

To Zadkiel I pray

Repeat the chant again and again and again whilst focusing on that Amethyst violet light and you are good!

Lets hang in there people and not contribute to the problem but rather use our power to contain and negate it by transmuting both our fear and the fears of others – the collective unconscious included – by surrounding ourselves, those we love and complete strangers if you fancy in this light as well as using its power to transform the growing rising swell of fear that is upon us. Lets face this – the light workers way!

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