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Ready, steady, reset!!!

Our lives are so busy … the world demands SO much of us and it is SOOO easy to get lost in that demand.

Free time is a luxury and when we have we feel pressurised to make it count – the same with holidays – not daring to sleep in late or lounge for too long on the beech before we are off – “living our best lives” and making memories – usually for Instagram or Facebook.

But this doesn’t give us the true break that we need – the down time that we require to reset!

January is always a busy month for me – for us all – catching up with the fall out of Christmas, trying to sort out our tax returns and then finding the money to pay the bill (props to the self employed out there – I feel your pain). Trying to get back into the swing of things and wind ourselves back up after our R&R, attempting to get back in step and make plans for a year fast slipping through our fingers. BUT during this time it is essential that we give ourselves a moment – every now and then – to catch our breath and return to centre. To detox our brain and relax our body, to be rather than do.

Wednesdays are my day off and this Wednesday – rather than dashing off to get my hair cut and rock around the shops – which is what I usually do for my pleasure “me” time – I decided to stay at home.

I had a lay in – 7:30am instead of my usual 7am rise – I did some ironing and listened to the Archers Omnibus (thank you Alexa) and I meditated, snoozed on the sofa with the dog and binged on Netflix. I went for a walk and then for another and also – VERY IMPORTANTLY – switched my phone off (heaven forfend) and didn’t bother switching my computer on!!!


Doing things that enabled me to go into “auto pilot” listening and watching things that didn’t challenge me, weren’t informative or educational, that weren’t upsetting or exciting but just “porridge for the brain” was WONDERFUL! It was like having tepid water run through my brain clearing out dross and murk until the water ran free and clear – THE most restful thing!

It’s not like this is the first time I’ve done this – last year most of my holiday was spent ironing and listening to the Archers BUT every time I am amazed how healing and soothing this is, how good for me and how stressful simple things can be – like scrolling through Facebook or replying to emails – which are SO easy to take a break from!

Resetting then is in my opinion ESSENTIAL – particularly for the sensitive – particularly for the spiritual – it is an ABSOLUTE MUST and however you do it – whatever works for you is the way to go – no matter what anyone else might say.I think we should all give ourselves from time to time a reset day – it’s like a hot chocolate for the Soul (and the mental health) without the calories!


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