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Be still …

The Tarot is not just a tool for divination but in truth a store house of both spiritual wisdom and power!

A spiritual road map that can be used to guide the spiritual aspirant on their journey, helping them to navigate the highways and byways of their evolution and ascension, their self mastery and self care.

The High Priestess card – number 2 in the deck – has much to teach concerning the development of intuition and psychical abilities as well as our connection and alignment to both the Divine Mother and the inner female aspect of our psyche the anima but by far most important of all that she has to say paradoxically concerns stillness and silence.

For the High Priestess – still and silent – is the magnetic core of her reality, the still point and centre – the gravitational force of her existence. She is open and empty – like the open mouth of a cauldron or cup – still and silent like the mirror calm surface of a lake and as such EVERYTHING flows to her!

She has no need to seek mastery for in time it comes to her! She doesn’t require a journey to become wise – all she needs is patience and wisdom will be drawn to her head and heart! she doesn’t need to question, plunder or search – all she need do is be silent and patient and everything and anything she might want, need or seek will come to her – in time!

This is the source of her magic and power – stillness, silence, patience and opens to the all!

Humanity (or at least the most of usage far from these things – we are busy and loud and full, angry and impatient and active. We can’t wait around all day – empty headed and quiet waiting for the universe to deliver to us our desire like some Divine Deliveroo! We have far too many things to do – we need to make it happen and like yesterday ok? We need instant manifestation (and instant gratification) sooner if possible would be appreciated!

But where does this attitude get us? Usually not very far! Very rarely what wetly wanted and certainly not to the fullness that we desired. Mankind has forgotten how to be patient – has become too entitled to wait or work hard for success. Mankind has fallen out of favour with silence and stillness to such an extent that they have created an entire industry (mindfulness) to rediscover it!

Gaze then at the High Priestess – adopt her stance, her posture and breathe – long and slow. Gaze with a distant, relaxed but fixed stare on the horizon and let the Universe know what you want and need and become the source to which it is drawn. Be patient and your patience will be rewarded, be calm and still and in time you will get all that you have ever asked for!

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