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Reasons To Be Cheerful – part 1

I didn’t realise just how much I secretly enjoyed my working days away from home until I stopped doing them! Don’t get me wrong – I love my home, my little office, being with Andrew and Bod (the dog). But for short blasts I quite like the buzz of London too! I like staying in hotels and flying about in…

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National Black Cat Day

October the 27th is National Black Cat Day … who knew! The Black Cat is a creature which – throughout history, culture and country – has been a divisive figure, sometimes seen as an omen of good luck, sometimes of bad! In America it is still considered bad luck for a Black Cat to cross your path – a superstition…

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The Power of the Green

There is no denying it – there is a slight sense of Autumn in the air! An early morning nip of cold, a sudden dimming of the light at the end of the day, a diminishment of green as if the colour were already beginning to drain from the trees and grasses. For those of us who loathe the unrelenting…

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