The Power of the Green

There is no denying it – there is a slight sense of Autumn in the air! An early morning nip of cold, a sudden dimming of the light at the end of the day, a diminishment of green as if the colour were already beginning to drain from the trees and grasses.

For those of us who loathe the unrelenting and unbearable heat of summer (and who look better the more clothes that we wear) it is cause for celebration but for those others who fear the heavy depression and lethargy that the darkening time of Autumn and Winter can bring it is a time of despair!

BUT … Summer has not quite done with us yet and the power of the Green – the life force of the Earth – is still present in the ground beneath our feet and the trees and flowers and hedges around us. It can still be heard by those with ears to hear it – humming its summer song – it can still be seen as the haze of vibrant life surrounding nature in an aura of light by those with eyes to see.

Now then – before the waning truly begins – we would do well to take ourselves out into the world and draw a little of this power into our own bodies – that we might store it there, in our cells, in our chakras – like bears do food in their belly – for the dark times of winter that are to come. For those of us particularly darkly effected by the lack of sunlight we might want to store energy as well in stones, like amber and citrine, creating for ourselves power batteries that we might turn to in times of desperate need when our energy falls low.

The Mother is bountiful and more than happy to provide us with this gift, she will pour it into our being without hesitation, question or reticence and has more than enough power to give. Despite this unconditional giving it might be nice however to show your thanks with an offering of fruit or flowers, milk or honey or simply words of thanks. Gestures that remind the Mother that not all humans take her granted or seem oblivious to her obvious life.

Now then – before the waning comes – take advantage of the light that is left and fill your bellies full with the bounty of the Green!

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